Mobility Pack Q-build Verification Report

Build number: 060907
Date built/: 09/07/2006
Recommended: Yes

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There is new feature introduced in this q-build - SVG support. It should allow users easilly create applications for JSR 226. There are new SVG components in palette. You can open and browse SVG image in editor.

The JUnit testing support changed the library from J2MEUnit library to JMUnit library.

You can report any issue/bug/enhancement to Issuezilla bug tracking system. Follow the link to enter bug.

More about changes in this q-build.

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Bugs to Be Fixed by next Q-build

83786 - P2: Exception when opening *.wsclient
84314 - P3: No help for Upgrade Information dialog opens

Use this query to check the current status of all the bugs that were found during the testing.

"Don'ts for This Build

  • Don't be suprised that generated test skeletons are a little bit different than in Beta 2 build
  • Don't panic when you find new components in MIDP 2.0 palette
  • Don't try to open visual designer files from this build in 5.0 or 5.5 betas. It won't work. The files are incompatible. However you can open 5.0, 5.5 betas visual designer files in this build. There will be a dialog warning you about the incompatible change.
  • Don't hesitate to download WTK 2.5 to try the SVG support. You can download it through Update Center.

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QA was started in November 2009, is owned by Jiří Kovalský, and has 97 members.
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