Transcript of Voice of Community chat

Topic: VOC meeting #19
Date: January 22nd, 2010
Time: 4:00 PM Central European Time
Duration: 1 hour
Chat client: Skype
  • Annabel Melongo (USA)
  • Jiří Kovalský (Czech Republic)
  • Michel Graciano (Brazil)
  • Tushar Joshi (India)

  • Agenda:
    1. Update: 6.8 Patch 1 + future [Jiri, 10 minutes]
    2. Update: JDK 5 support dropped [Jiri, 5 minutes]
    3. Discussion: Potential VOC issues [Annabel, Tushar, Michel - 40 minutes]
    4. Q&A, [all, 5 minutes]


  • Jiri informed VOC captains about NetBeans 6.8 Update 1 and plans for NetBeans 6.9
  • Jiri also pointed out that NetBeans trunk switched to JDK 1.6 and JDK 1.5 is no longer supported
  • Annabel's issues: #179178 (better handling of J2EE projects with unsupported version) - will be fixed in 6.9, #136271 (not working import of mobility projects created in JBuilder) - we will try to address in 6.9 as well, #179207 (invalid GlassFish port number) - accepted and will be fixed as soon as possible too
  • Tushar wants to contribute some screencasts concerning RCP and J2EE
  • Action items:

  • Jiri to link Tushar with NetBeans docs team with regards to the offered tutorial contribution
  • Annabel to send her favourite tool for shrinking videos in size
  • Transcript:

    16:01:13    * Jiří Kovalský invited annabel.melongo michel.graciano tusharvjoshi
    16:01:20   Jiří Kovalský: Hello guys,
    16:01:42    * Jiří Kovalský has changed the chat topic to "Voice of Community meeting #19"
    16:01:45   Tushar Joshi: Hi all,
    16:01:52   Michel Graciano: Hi
    16:02:21   Jiří Kovalský: Let's hope Annabel will show up soon because I need to finish exactly within an hour today.
    16:03:09   Michel Graciano: well Jiri, any news about Oracle merge?
    16:03:28   Michel Graciano: since now EU give green light for the merge
    16:04:24   Jiří Kovalský: Yes, I wanted to share this news with you but is there anybody on the planet who does not know that EU approved the deal? :-)
    16:04:37   Tushar Joshi: :)
    16:05:09   Michel Graciano: my question is more about if you already had some news about NetBeans...
    16:05:18   Tushar Joshi: I think Michel is asking for some dope
    16:05:33   Jiří Kovalský: Oh, great. Annabel is here!
    16:05:55   Jiří Kovalský: Well, let's stick to the agenda guys, ok?
    16:06:06   Tushar Joshi: yes
    16:06:06   Michel Graciano: yes
    16:06:30   Jiří Kovalský: Great, so hello team, thanks for coming today and dedicating 1 hour of your time to the NetBeans project. Welcome to our VOC meeting #19!
    16:06:48   Jiří Kovalský: First thing I wanted to inform you about today is the progress of NetBeans 6.8 Update 1 [1]. [1] As usually we want to provide a patch as soon as possible after FCS and our plan is to release it on February 5th. There were 83 bug fix candidates in total, 75 of them were successfully transplanted to "release68_fixes" clone repository [2] and the rest is still pending the integration. [2] The patched modules will be again distributed via our Update Center. Any comments so far?
    16:07:20   Annabel Melongo: Hi there....
    16:07:34   Michel Graciano: Hi Annabel
    16:07:42   Michel Graciano: no questions about 6.8 patch
    16:07:54   Tushar Joshi: Hi Annabel, and no questions for patch
    16:08:22   Jiří Kovalský: OK. Now, if you are interested in what goes next, we are working on NetBeans 6.9. The concept for this release has been approved last week and the planning page [3] was updated accordingly. We would like to have two milestone builds plus Beta and FCS is preliminarily scheduled for June 23rd. JavaFX support and OSGi compatibility remain the release drivers. [3]
    16:09:39   Tushar Joshi: What happened to Editor Plans? I think I have seen some editor plans in 6.9 also like word wrap etc
    16:10:31   Jiří Kovalský: Have you seen Tushar?
    16:10:38   Tushar Joshi: yes
    16:10:51   Jiří Kovalský: And you think something was removed from the Wiki?
    16:10:57   Tushar Joshi: I usually keep tab on RecentChanges of wiki :)
    16:11:24   Michel Graciano: :)
    16:11:41   Tushar Joshi: If this page is included in the release then it is ok
    16:11:46   Jiří Kovalský: Cool, so please refer this page to find out what is planned to 6.9 in Editor.
    16:12:01   Jiří Kovalský: Anything else?
    16:12:11   Michel Graciano: not for me, looks good at all
    16:12:28   Annabel Melongo: nope
    16:14:26   Tushar Joshi: I have one question but about the contribution to the tutorials if ok I will state it here
    16:14:33   Tushar Joshi: this falls under community help
    16:15:07   Jiří Kovalský: OK, let's discuss it in the Q&A section in the end Tushar.
    16:15:13   Tushar Joshi: ok
    16:15:58   Jiří Kovalský: OK, so if there are no more questions, we can go on.
    16:17:00   Jiří Kovalský: Fine, let's move on. The second item on the agenda is self-explanatory. :-) I remember Michel asked about this already. Since this week, NetBeans trunk builds no longer run on JDK 1.5 and support 1.6 language constructs. We switched compilers accordingly so please be aware of this fact if you see some questions in the community. However, there are still some pending issues [4] if you are interested. I hope you are happy now Michel! ;-) [4] #179668
    16:17:42   Michel Graciano: Well, it is an greate move now
    16:17:42   Michel Graciano: :)
    16:18:02   Michel Graciano: now I need to update my workstation to compile this correctly
    16:18:02   Michel Graciano: :)
    16:19:13   Jiří Kovalský: Yes.
    16:19:29   Jiří Kovalský: Great, so let's discuss your issues now. Why don't you start Annabel?
    16:19:54   Annabel Melongo: sure.
    16:21:20   Annabel Melongo: The first one is about J2EE versions in NB. The IDE should be able to handle applications or to clearly tell the developer when a J2EE is unsupported. #179178
    16:22:18   Jiří Kovalský: In my opinion, this better handling of J2EE projects with unsupported version (#179178) should be fixable with no side effects. I have asked David Konecny (currently assigned developer) about how realistic it is to get this fixed anytime soon but he didn't reply yet. I will keep you updated via e-mail later. Thanks for your understanding. Next issue?
    16:23:22   Annabel Melongo: This issue was discussed lately, it seems some aren't able to properly import JBuilder projects: #136271
    16:24:55   Jiří Kovalský: Well, the not working import of mobility projects created in JBuilder (#136271) is a problem. I talked about it with Tonda Nebuzelsky (NetBeans Core Engineering manager) and he confirmed this functionality is not staffed right now in his team so the only chance is to convince somebody from the Mobility developers to fix it. I will ask Tim Boudreau about this last possibility. Can't do more about it myself, sorry.
    16:26:13   Annabel Melongo: Ok. Next question?
    16:26:30   Jiří Kovalský: Yes, if you don't want to add something then please proceed.
    16:27:00   Annabel Melongo: Nothing to ask....
    16:27:29   Jiří Kovalský: OK, let's move to the third issue then.
    16:28:03   Annabel Melongo: The next one is about GF not being able to handle high port number: #179207
    16:29:05   Jiří Kovalský: OK, this last issue about invalid GlassFish port number (#179207) is a quite new report and since I am not an expert in this area either I requested Vince Kraemer's opinion (currently assigned engineer). Unfortunately, he is on vacation so I will know more on Monday. Again I will let you know what I find out. Would you agree?
    16:29:34   Annabel Melongo: Sure.
    16:30:13   Jiří Kovalský: OK, then guys, it's your turn now. Do you have some issues for today?
    16:30:28   Tushar Joshi: I have no issues of VOC priority
    16:30:38   Michel Graciano: neither from me
    16:31:07   Jiří Kovalský: Fine. Then let's Tushar speak about the contribution problem he mentioned in the beginning.
    16:31:09   Jiří Kovalský: Tushar?
    16:31:21   Tushar Joshi: Actually it is not a problem but a question
    16:32:06   Tushar Joshi: I have Camtesia for Mac , my own copy and I want to contribute NetBeans Video tutorials, are they needed and will Netbeans accept my contribution in this area
    16:32:21   Jiří Kovalský: Wow, absolutely!!!
    16:32:21   Tushar Joshi: obviously they become heavy in file size and I dont have any space to host them
    16:32:52   Tushar Joshi: I am fan of Eclipse Video Tutorials made my Mark Dexter
    16:33:04   Tushar Joshi: and since many days I want to create something in similar lines for NetBeams
    16:33:08   Tushar Joshi: NetBeans*
    16:33:16   Michel Graciano: :)
    16:33:31   Jiří Kovalský: It does not matter they are big, it's logical. We will host them in Sun Channel Video library. We will review them first and then publish.
    16:33:47   Jiří Kovalský: But it would be necessary to coordinate with our docs team.
    16:34:01   Tushar Joshi: Camtesia recently released Mac version and suddenly I am in position to contribute
    16:34:03   Jiří Kovalský: What kind of areas do they concern?
    16:34:09   Tushar Joshi: ok so I will have to contact the doc team?
    16:34:28   Tushar Joshi: Mostly platform specific
    16:34:32   Tushar Joshi: making RCP applications
    16:34:38   Tushar Joshi: making NetBeans plugins
    16:34:49   Michel Graciano: well, if I can give an idea and Tushar agree, Platform should be an greate area, since it is one of the focus of next release and an miss on Oracle portifolio
    16:34:53   Tushar Joshi: and some J2EE specific also
    16:34:56   Michel Graciano: :)
    16:34:57   Jiří Kovalský: I can find out who the best person is and let you know.
    16:35:12   Annabel Melongo: There's a software that you can actually download to change the video type to a smaller size.I'll send you the link later.
    16:35:24   Tushar Joshi: yes as I am also more into platform they are first in my priority also
    16:35:33   Michel Graciano: Great!
    16:35:33   Tushar Joshi: I agree with Michel
    16:35:43   Jiří Kovalský: Me too.
    16:36:28   Jiří Kovalský: So, this is my action item. I will find out the liaison for you, check what's on our plan and what would be an apt contribution and then let you know.
    16:36:45   Jiří Kovalský: Should I send my findings to the list or only to Tushar?
    16:36:59   Michel Graciano: I think you can send to list
    16:37:17   Tushar Joshi: This is great, I will wait for that mail
    16:37:17   Michel Graciano: I can't see any problem, even the links for tools, since all of us can use this in the future
    16:38:00   Jiří Kovalský: That's right. Do you actually have something done already?
    16:38:34   Tushar Joshi: I have them but they are custom made for my company
    16:38:41   Tushar Joshi: I can make a new one in 1 week
    16:39:18   Jiří Kovalský: Fantastic!
    16:40:05   Jiří Kovalský: BTW, what do you think about European Union's anti-trust commission which cleared the acquisition yesterday? Now we must wait for Russia's and China's verdicts. Let's hope they will not prolong this useless agony too and approve the deal soon.
    16:40:28   Michel Graciano: I hope so too
    16:40:51   Michel Graciano: well, in my opinion there are no back, so as soon as possible they aprove it, better for everyone
    16:40:54   Annabel Melongo: What a mess... I didn't know that EU, Russia and China had an impact on NB!!!
    16:41:51   Michel Graciano: well Annabel, in the truth it is, since most of the team is stim in Europe
    16:42:19   Michel Graciano: at all, it has an impact in Sun at all, I think there is people from NB team in Russia yet, right Jiri?
    16:42:26   Michel Graciano: or them was laid off too?
    16:43:03   Michel Graciano: as far as I remember, JEE tools were developed from there for a long time
    16:43:15   Jiří Kovalský: Yes, we have some engineers in St. Petersburg.
    16:43:41   Michel Graciano: and China we have translators so far
    16:43:48   Michel Graciano: as well Japan
    16:43:55   Jiří Kovalský: But only a portion compared to the staff before RIF a year ago.
    16:44:21   Michel Graciano: yes, I remember
    16:44:57   Annabel Melongo: My question is what are those countries have a decision on a merger? you can have businesses everywhere but I don't understand why the country has something to do in the decision... maybe I just don't understand those political things....
    16:45:54   Michel Graciano: the question is thar when an company has businesses in there, some places have commisions anti-trust or something like that
    16:46:04   Michel Graciano: even commission to regulate this
    16:46:05   Jiří Kovalský: Yes, exactly.
    16:46:34   Jiří Kovalský: They want to regulate the market so that one company does not become dominant.
    16:46:46   Michel Graciano: exactly
    16:47:01   Michel Graciano: the problem is basicaly in MySQL and Java IP
    16:47:36   Jiří Kovalský: Yes, some other questions before we close the meeting?
    16:48:01   Michel Graciano: nothing from me anymore
    16:48:08   Tushar Joshi: nothing from me
    16:48:13   Michel Graciano: I wish the best for you in Sun and NB at all
    16:48:29   Annabel Melongo: I think I understand... even though not quite...
    16:48:29   Tushar Joshi: Wishes from me also
    16:48:42   Michel Graciano: and hope to listen good news January 27
    16:48:43   Michel Graciano: from Oracle
    16:48:50   Jiří Kovalský: Thank you Michel. We will need a little bit of luck once we integrate into Oracle's structure.
    16:49:05   Michel Graciano: well Annabel, I will send you a link for the Oracle public meeting
    16:49:11   Michel Graciano: January 27th
    16:49:17   Jiří Kovalský: Will you listen guys and gal?
    16:49:21   Michel Graciano: I hope to listen good news from them
    16:49:25   Michel Graciano: sure I will
    16:49:41   Michel Graciano: this has direct impact in my life should I say
    16:49:49   Jiří Kovalský: I am afraid it will be just a high level business update and plans. Nothing NetBeans specific.
    16:50:11   Michel Graciano: But I hope to listen some news that we can imagine what goes next
    16:50:16   Annabel Melongo: @Michel, just curious, how does it has impact on your life?
    16:50:37   Michel Graciano: well, I work with Java and Oracle Databases in day by day work
    16:50:41   Michel Graciano: as well NetBeans as tool
    16:50:51   Michel Graciano: so, any change in this scenarious has impact
    16:50:59   Michel Graciano: this reflect for all of us
    16:51:22   Michel Graciano: not in my life, as an employee like Jiri, but in business life
    16:52:09   Annabel Melongo: Understand...even if you work with those tools... your life is still independent of them.... :D
    16:52:33   Michel Graciano: sure :)
    16:52:48   Michel Graciano: well, I hope to see you soon
    16:53:19   Jiří Kovalský: +1 :-)
    16:53:26   Jiří Kovalský: Any closing thoughts?
    16:53:55   Michel Graciano: not at all
    16:54:00   Michel Graciano: see you soon
    16:54:22   Michel Graciano: wow Jiri, I update my Skype today in my Ubuntu station, and now I can see when you are typing
    16:54:23   Tushar Joshi: see you soon Jiri
    16:54:24   Michel Graciano: :)
    16:54:31   Annabel Melongo: noting on my side. Have a nice day.
    16:54:37   Jiří Kovalský: That'
    16:54:48   Jiří Kovalský: s why I also prefer Skype now @ Michel. :-)
    16:55:01   Jiří Kovalský: Good bye then, have a wonderful weekends!
    16:55:07   Michel Graciano: for you too
    16:55:09   Michel Graciano: bye

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