Transcript of Voice of Community chat

Topic: VOC meeting #18
Date: December 22nd, 2009
Time: 4:00 PM Central European Time
Duration: 1 hour
Chat client: Skype
  • Annabel Melongo (USA)
  • Jiří Kovalský (Czech Republic)
  • Michel Graciano (Brazil)
  • Tushar Joshi (India)

  • Agenda:
    1. Update: Latest news [Jiri, 5 minutes]
    2. Update: NetBeans 6.9 concept [Jiri, 5 minutes]
    3. Discussion: Potential VOC issues [Annabel, Michel, Tushar - 45 minutes]
    4. Q&A, [all, 5 minutes]


  • Jiri informed VOC team about latest news regarding Oracle & Sun acquisition and its impact on the NetBeans project
  • Jiri also shed some light on early concept of NetBeans 6.9, team sees investment into RCP as a big news
  • Annabel's issues: #146824 (cancel versioning of a project) - interesting candidate for 6.9, #176960 (missing persistence unit) - minor issue, #177679 (incorrectly generated web service) - good catch, should be fixed in 6.9
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Preliminary date of the next VOC meeting: January 15th, 2010
  • Action items:

  • Jiri to talk to Tomas Pavek about possibility to implement #146824
  • Michel considers #146824 to have a bigger scope and will change summary accordingly + add a comment
  • Jiri to talk to Milan Kuchtiak about possibility to fix #177679
  • Transcript:

    15:57:06* Annabel Melongo invited cesilko_
    15:56:54* Annabel Melongo invited tusharvjoshi
    15:56:54* Annabel Melongo invited hmichel
    16:00:46Jiří Kovalský: Hello Annabel!
    16:00:54Michel Graciano: Hello people
    16:00:58* Jiří Kovalský has changed the chat topic to "NetBeans Voice of Community meeting #18"
    16:00:59Tushar Joshi: Hi All
    16:01:16Jiří Kovalský: Hello everyone, I am glad we finally managed to gather for our last VOC meeting in 2009. Welcome team!
    16:01:19Annabel Melongo: Hi
    16:01:31Jiří Kovalský: Let's right away start with the first item on the agenda.
    16:01:47Jiří Kovalský: As you might know, the last week was very important for the NetBeans project because European Commission is finally expected to wave its acquisition of Sun after Oracle publicly declared its intentions with regards to MySQL [1] and this way openly addressed concerns raised by the EC. This has significant impact on NetBeans as well as we will most probably see many changes in the beginning of 2010 once the merger is done. Although we don't know anything particular there was plenty of time for planning and so the changes can be very concrete and rapid. In this regard we might need your help as you represent our 730k+ users community. So, please stay tuned and let's hope for the best. :-) Any questions?
    16:01:53Jiří Kovalský: [1]
    16:02:37Tushar Joshi: No questions from me
    16:02:48Michel Graciano: No question from here too
    16:03:18Annabel Melongo: None
    16:03:18Jiří Kovalský: Cool, so let's move on.
    16:03:24Jiří Kovalský: Secondly, as NetBeans 6.8 was released on December 10th we are already working on the NetBeans 6.9 release. Its concept was published and if you are interested in more details, please take a look here: The main release drivers are superior JavaFX tooling and improvements in RCP area including OSGi compatibility. Also further enhancements in Editor are planned such as Word Wrapping feature (#89894)! So, as you can see NetBeans project goes on, the only question is how big the support from Oracle will be. Opinions?
    16:04:20Tushar Joshi: All the new planned features are must have and I am happy about the plan
    16:04:54Tushar Joshi: I am not much sure about the JavaFX
    16:05:13Jiří Kovalský: Yes, RCP was not in our focus for quite few releases so at least NetBeans DreamTeam folks are very happy.
    16:05:41Tushar Joshi: My core area of interest is NetBeans Platform so I am also happy :)
    16:06:00Michel Graciano: RCP is an really important peace of NB project, even more now where we can work to migrate JDeveloper to NB Platform
    16:06:06Michel Graciano: ;)
    16:06:43Michel Graciano: have an stronger platform will make harder to Oracle try to kill the project as well, since many and many projects will be build on it
    16:07:32Michel Graciano: as well, IMHO, it is an smart way to monetize the project, since companies that built your applicantion on top NB platform will need support
    16:07:42Jiří Kovalský: Yes, the point is to support the missing element in Oracle's portfolio.
    16:08:10Michel Graciano: I think it is an good point, support the NB platform
    16:09:30Jiří Kovalský: Sure, so if you are interested in RCP, please watch out. :-) We will need your help at least during NetCAT testing if not with features planning.
    16:09:33Jiří Kovalský: ;-)
    16:09:47Jiří Kovalský: OK. No comments from Annabel?
    16:10:00Annabel Melongo: none
    16:10:15Jiří Kovalský: OK.
    16:10:21Jiří Kovalský: Now, let's go on with your feedback. Annabel was the only one who sent her items so Annabel, why don't you start?
    16:10:37Michel Graciano: sure I will be an NetCATer again... :)
    16:11:14Annabel Melongo: sure..
    16:11:22Tushar Joshi: I will be more active NetCATer as I plan to start with developing one project through NB RCP
    16:12:01Jiří Kovalský: Great. let's discuss this later.
    16:12:11Jiří Kovalský: The floor is your Annabel.
    16:12:44Annabel Melongo: My first item is about subversion. it seems, there's no way to disconnected once connected...#146824
    16:13:46Michel Graciano: BTW, looks like this is an issue for several VFS
    16:13:46Jiří Kovalský: Great, regarding the possibility to cancel "Subversioning" a project (#146824) I will have to talk to Tomas Pavek after the holidays. However it seems like a reasonable RFE. How did you get to this Annabel?
    16:13:56Jiří Kovalský: Yes, I know @ Michel.
    16:14:17Michel Graciano: @Jiri, could you talk about CVS too?
    16:14:21Annabel Melongo: In the mailing list...someone complained about it.
    16:14:23Michel Graciano: I can send you the issue later
    16:14:45Jiří Kovalský: Then, why don't we simply change the summary to VCS instead of SVN?
    16:15:17Jiří Kovalský: Or do you have CVS specific request ID# @ Michel?
    16:15:19Michel Graciano: I like this
    16:15:30Michel Graciano: no, just the option to disconnect from CVS
    16:16:00Jiří Kovalský: Great, so please change the description + add your comment to generalize the issue, Michel. OK?
    16:17:01Jiří Kovalský: Hm, looks like we lost Michel. :-(
    16:17:24Michel Graciano: I am back
    16:17:33Jiří Kovalský: Great. :-)
    16:17:41Michel Graciano: just little connection problem in those hot days
    16:17:52Jiří Kovalský: So, do you take what I said as your Action Item?
    16:18:08Michel Graciano: yes, I wil change the description
    16:18:11Michel Graciano: *will
    16:18:32Jiří Kovalský: Cool.
    16:18:40Jiří Kovalský: Now we are without Annabel. :-(
    16:19:58Michel Graciano: Looks like she is back
    16:20:19Jiří Kovalský: Really?
    16:20:30Jiří Kovalský: For me Annable is still offline.
    16:20:53Michel Graciano: for me she is already reconected
    16:21:18Tushar Joshi: offline for me also
    16:22:23Jiří Kovalský: Hm, this is unfortunate because she was the only one who brought some VOC issues for today's meeting.
    16:22:35Michel Graciano: LOL
    16:22:43Michel Graciano: well, an little question
    16:22:55Jiří Kovalský: Sure go on.
    16:22:58Michel Graciano: @Jiri, do you know something about GIT support?
    16:23:23Jiří Kovalský: Well, I know of Git Support plugin in the Plugin Portal.
    16:23:48Michel Graciano: yes, I am aware about hti splugin too, but looks like this is limited
    16:24:12Michel Graciano: do you know if some updates or new features will be made?
    16:24:30Tushar Joshi: One question from me also after Michel is done
    16:25:21Jiří Kovalský: Michel, the best would be to ask the plugin's author directly. I was not in touch with him lately. Let me find his e-mail address for you ...
    16:25:35Michel Graciano: thanks
    16:27:04Jiří Kovalský: Ok, so his name is Jonas Fonseca and his e-mail address is
    16:27:34Michel Graciano: thanks
    16:27:45Jiří Kovalský: I know why you are asking!
    16:27:59Jiří Kovalský: You was Cc:ed in my recent e-mail. ;-)
    16:28:09Jiří Kovalský: was -> were :-(
    16:28:19Tushar Joshi: येस
    16:28:23Tushar Joshi: yes
    16:28:28Michel Graciano: I saw several messages in mainling lists as well about verification
    16:28:35Michel Graciano: I can see you Annabel
    16:28:36Annabel Melongo: testing...
    16:28:39Tushar Joshi: apologies for the unicode message
    16:28:51Tushar Joshi: Yes Annabel
    16:28:53Jiří Kovalský: Cool, Annabel is back!
    16:29:02Jiří Kovalský: What happened?
    16:29:06Annabel Melongo: Ok. I'm back. For some reasons, I got disconnected...
    16:29:55Jiří Kovalský: So, Michel do you need some more help from me regarding the Git or are you gonna contact Jonas on your own?
    16:30:25Michel Graciano: I will contact him and see what could be done
    16:31:02Jiří Kovalský: Great, so let's now go on with Annabel's issues. Do you agree Tushar?
    16:31:12Tushar Joshi: Yes
    16:31:19Annabel Melongo: ok...
    16:31:24Jiří Kovalský: Annabel, your second issue?
    16:32:04Annabel Melongo: the second issue was about the db wizard in RESTful. I actually was working on REST and I can confirm this: #176960
    16:32:45Jiří Kovalský: Well, as for the missing persistence unit (#176960) it was reported by our documentation writer and accepted as valid issue. On the other hand this is hardly a real VOC issue as I see nobody from community requesting this fix. Hence the same concern. In order to fix this we need more votes or duplicates of this bug. Otherwise there are tons of other more priority issues.
    16:33:47Jiří Kovalský: Of course, nobody with your exception Annabel. ;-)
    16:34:47Annabel Melongo: No it's not like that Jiri. This issue is in a REST tutorial and if someone hasn't reported it yet but in that tutorial it's promised to be fixed in NB6.8. That's why.
    16:35:14Annabel Melongo: but -> because
    16:35:49Annabel Melongo: I bet when that's not fixed, then people will become louder about it.
    16:36:02Jiří Kovalský: Yes, I know. But again, if only 1 person complained about it, it's either not that serious or the tutorial is not read often.
    16:37:12Jiří Kovalský: It's only P3 right now. If 20 people face this and priority gets upgraded to P1 then we might consider it for NetBeans 6.8 Update 1.
    16:37:26Jiří Kovalský: Anything else for today?
    16:37:46Annabel Melongo: yes... another REST issue...
    16:38:39Annabel Melongo: When one creates entity classes in REST, there's no way to compile them: #177679
    16:39:22Jiří Kovalský: Yes, I agree that the incorrectly generated web services code is a bigger problem. Although this is again filed by our own developer :-) I am positive this will be fixed in 6.9. I will talk to Milan Kuchtiak about it but if you can please vote for it so that the bug gets higher in the query sorted by votes. Thanks for your cooperation. ;-)
    16:39:43Annabel Melongo: I admit there's a workaround for this... but this shouldn't be let to the user. It's reallly confusing...
    16:40:31Jiří Kovalský: Yes, I agree. I will remind Milan about it in 2010.
    16:40:39Jiří Kovalský: Thanks Annabel.
    16:40:49Annabel Melongo: Sure. Nothing on my end anymore.
    16:41:02Jiří Kovalský: Fine, so let's now give the floor to Tushar.
    16:41:14Jiří Kovalský: He had some question while you were offline Annabel.
    16:41:23Tushar Joshi: As this is one year complete, will we have a renewal of the VOC team?
    16:41:36Jiří Kovalský: That's a very good question Tushar.
    16:42:49Jiří Kovalský: To be honest with you I am afraid we will have to wait for what 2010 and new management holds for NetBeans and VOC in particular.
    16:43:28Tushar Joshi: ok, and that means we can expect next meeting in Jan'10
    16:43:48Jiří Kovalský: Do you think VOC '09 was worth it? :-)
    16:44:07Tushar Joshi: and also we have to continue the VOCTasks
    16:44:23Jiří Kovalský: Yes, something like that. Preliminary date is January 15th, 2010.
    16:44:25Tushar Joshi: for me yes it was worth it
    16:44:30Annabel Melongo: Of course, yet. I learned waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more about NB in this year alone. I'm willing to repeat the experience
    16:45:24Michel Graciano: I really liked the idea, the proposal of program. It is really necessary a channel where community could get more attention from the project
    16:45:27Jiří Kovalský: BTW, have you seen the article about VOC?
    16:45:44Michel Graciano: yes, I have
    16:45:44Tushar Joshi: Yes I have seen the article
    16:45:48Jiří Kovalský: It was included in the last weekly newsletter and also podcast.
    16:46:02Michel Graciano: amazing article should I say
    16:46:03Michel Graciano: :)
    16:46:10Annabel Melongo: What article? Tushar's article?
    16:46:12Jiří Kovalský: Glad to hear that.
    16:46:19Jiří Kovalský: Yes. Tushar's.
    16:46:34Michel Graciano: it was in the NB main page too
    16:46:53Annabel Melongo: I can't believe it. I wasn't aware of that
    16:47:19Annabel Melongo: When was it in the NB main page? the IDE or the online site?
    16:47:30Jiří Kovalský: Both. :-)
    16:47:33Michel Graciano:
    16:47:44Michel Graciano: :)
    16:47:59Jiří Kovalský:
    16:48:03Annabel Melongo: Great. We're famous :D
    16:48:07Tushar Joshi: :)
    16:48:35Jiří Kovalský: Cool, so any closing thoughts?
    16:49:07Tushar Joshi: Merry Chrismas to all
    16:49:12Annabel Melongo: Talking about the article, it needs a constant updating, who will take care of that?
    16:49:49Jiří Kovalský: No, it does not. Its intention was only to take a snapshot of VOC in time.
    16:50:01Annabel Melongo: Ok, then.
    16:50:11Jiří Kovalský: Good, so looks like we are done for today. So, I would also like to use this opportunity to wish Merry Christmas and prosperous year 2010. And of course good luck to NetBeans project! :-)
    16:50:27Annabel Melongo: Next meeting?
    16:50:36Jiří Kovalský: Hopefully January 15th, 2010.
    16:50:46Michel Graciano: Merry Christmas for all of us
    16:50:47Tushar Joshi: ok
    16:50:57Jiří Kovalský: +1 @Michel
    16:51:13Michel Graciano: Hope to see all of us and the project grows up next year
    16:51:24Tushar Joshi: Long live NetBeans
    16:51:28Annabel Melongo: Wish all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010. It was my pleasure knowing you this year and hopefully many more exciting and challenging meetings in the year to come. I love you ALL.
    16:52:44Jiří Kovalský: I agree. 2010 will be crucial for NetBeans project. Let's think about NetBeans in our prayers during Christmas and everything will be okay.
    16:53:07Annabel Melongo: Sure. Bye and Enjoy your holidays.
    16:53:15Michel Graciano: see you nextyear guys
    16:53:31Tushar Joshi: See you next year, bye
    16:53:35Annabel Melongo: Don't get too fat... :D
    16:53:36Jiří Kovalský: You too Annabel, Tushar and Michel. I was honored to cooperate with you.
    16:53:44Jiří Kovalský: Bye, bye.
    16:54:15Michel Graciano: bye

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