Transcript of Voice of Community chat

Topic: VOC meeting #12
Date: July 3rd, 2009
Time: 4:00 PM Central European Time
Duration: 1 hour
Chat client: NetBeans (Chat Window)
  • Melongo Annabel (USA)
  • Jiří Kovalský (Czech Republic)
  • Michel Graciano (Brazil)

  • Agenda:
    1. Update: 6.7 out, what's next? [Jiří, 5 minutes]
    2. Update: #105075 [Jiří, 5 minutes]
    3. Discussion: Other stuff [Jiří, 10 minutes]
    4. Discussion: Outstanding potential VOC issues [Annabel, Michel - 35 minutes]
    5. Q&A [all, 5 minutes]


  • Jiri informed VOC team about 6.7 FCS statistic and unveiled plans for 6.7.1 and 6.8.
  • Good news: VOC issue #105075 was accepted and 6.8 will have ERD!
  • Michel pointed out #167262, #168061 and #160531
  • Annabel brought easier addition of JARs to project classpath (#159293, #143771 and #51733) - will be considered for 6.8
  • Annabel also emphasized #154974 in Debugger - closed as invalid
  • Finally she notified us about #158812 - fixed in 6.7.1, good catch!
  • Action items:

  • Michel to fully evaluate #167262 and provide comments on new tab behavior.
  • Michel to verify #168061 in trunk.
  • Annabel to suggest reporter of #154974 to file bug against JVM.
  • Jiri to find out why NetBeans is not downloadable via Sun Download Manager.
  • Jiri to investigate when NetBeans will switch sources to JDK 6.
  • Transcript:

    July 3, 20094:00 PM
    amelongo4:10 PM
    hi there
    hmichel4:10 PM
    jkovalsky4:10 PM
    Welcome to VOC meeting #12 and let me go straight to the first item on the agenda.
    As you already know we have successfully shipped 6.7 on Monday and it's doing pretty well so far. Our servers now face ~1 - 1.5 Gbps download stream while average previous releases had ~0.5 - 0.8 Gbps load. This is a very good sign to see such a demand for 6.7!
    And by the way, 6.7 has one specific because in this release we succeeded to fix 34% bugs from community while in 6.5 it was only about 1/4. In my opinion it shows our commitment to the community. Don't you think so?
    amelongo4:11 PM
    It's great
    jkovalsky4:12 PM
    Now let me unveil our next plans. We are aggresively going after releasing Update 1 very soon which in particular means July 21st.
    hmichel4:12 PM
    as I said before, it looks realy stable at all
    jkovalsky4:12 PM
    Glad to hear Michel! Thanks.
    hmichel4:12 PM
    more comments later
    jkovalsky4:12 PM
    I bet you will have. :-) The main purpose is to deliver the most critical bug fixes plus JavaFX support into 6.7.
    Petr Bláha is the release boss of this update and for more details see here:
    Any questions so far?
    hmichel4:13 PM
    Glad to know about JavaFX support
    it was really requested by users
    in Brazil
    jkovalsky4:14 PM
    Yes, there are problems with FoD & JavaFX cooperation and guys are fixing this full steam.
    amelongo4:14 PM
    Yes someone actually had a question on JavaFX yesterday.
    jkovalsky4:14 PM
    In paralel with 6.7.1 we are working on 6.8 and yesterday its plan has finally been published.
    It's available here: and the FCS is scheduled to late November (11/23).
    The main release drivers are: tooling for Java EE 6 plus GlassFish 3 and support for JavaFX SoMa if it makes it.
    Secondary features include enhacements in PHP, Maven, Connected Developer, Editor&Java, C/C++, Performance and also Embedded Browser.
    All of these areas are fully staffed unlike the remaining ones which will be in Quality or Maintenance mode only. Anybody has a question/comment about 6.8?
    hmichel4:15 PM
    not yet
    amelongo4:15 PM
    I would want to know when the source code had support for jdk1.6
    the question was also voice last week
    jkovalsky4:16 PM
    Let's wait for 6.8 M1
    Great, so let's move on to some good news!
    It took some time and meetings but your VOC issue #105075 was accepted for 6.8! There will be an Entity Relationship Diagram RFE implemented and the sweetest thing is that without your intervention this would never happen. Is it a time for celebration? :-)
    amelongo4:17 PM
    jkovalsky4:17 PM
    You don't sound too excited Annabel! ;-)
    amelongo4:18 PM
    I am
    hmichel4:18 PM
    jkovalsky4:18 PM
    OK, finally I wanted to talk about other stuff. Firstly, I wanted to inform you that the exchange of Plugin Verifiers has been successfully completed and the second Michel's candidate (Paulo Canedo) accepted the role. So thanks for the tip Michel. I value your help!
    hmichel4:18 PM
    that is really good
    jkovalsky4:18 PM
    Yes, it is. The other thing is a proposal to prolong the period of our meetings from 2 to 3 weeks. I was advised to organize them once a month but I think once in 3 weeks should be better. The rationale behind this suggestion is that although it might seem trivial but for me preparations before and post processing of outputs after our meetings is heavy so I would very much appreciate one more week for all that. Besides, sometimes there is not so much interesting passdown every other week so 3 weeks sound better from this standpoint as well.
    hmichel4:18 PM
    jkovalsky4:18 PM
    What is your opinion on this Michel?
    hmichel4:19 PM
    For me it is not a problem
    jkovalsky4:19 PM
    amelongo4:19 PM
    Yes 3 weeks are good. The 2 weeks is so short that sometimes I even forget...
    jkovalsky4:19 PM
    hmichel4:20 PM
    I am sure if any severe situation shows up we can get it done as soon as possible
    amelongo4:20 PM
    jkovalsky4:20 PM
    Thank you. I believe Tushar will give us his Go/NoGo via e-mail later.
    Yes, absolutely. Remember, everybody can call for an urgent meeting anytime via e-mail.
    Great, so let's focus on your items now. Michel was first who sent his #167262. Please start Michel.
    hmichel4:22 PM
    so, several users get asked about it
    as I sent at email too, there is an thread at nbusers about it
    jkovalsky4:23 PM
    OK, I have already discussed this with Petr Dvorak (joshis) and he reopened this issue and since this behaviour is as designed he changed this bug to RFE. I think changing color to blue shouldn't be a problem. Is this what you originally meant Michel? Or do you also second Mark Claassen's opinion about the reused tab?
    hmichel4:24 PM
    I made an little survey here too with our employees, and the most people really like it as blue
    jkovalsky4:24 PM
    OK. And the #2 issue with tabs? You don't care, right?
    hmichel4:25 PM
    to be sure, I just missed this part
    and I agree about the change to RFE
    since is works as designed
    I will evaluate the #2 issue and send my comments later
    jkovalsky4:25 PM
    Fine! So, what about the other #168061 & #160531?
    hmichel4:26 PM
    I really don't understand correctly the needs
    So, about boolean getter generator
    it was already fixed and now we just need to get it available for patch 1
    We really faced several problems about it this week
    this is why MIchael and me filed the issue and patch asap
    jkovalsky4:27 PM
    Yes, this issue has been fixed and #160531 bugfix was reverted + closed as WONTFIX. I have immediately asked Petr Gebauer (6.7.1 codebase gatekeeper) not to forget about it and he only needs you Michel to verify this fix in trunk ASAP and also in patched build (to be available on 7/13). I think you MUST BE satisfied Michel, right?
    hmichel4:28 PM
    no problem
    it should works since is pretty similar to Michael patch which one I already tested
    I will fetch my repo and test it today yet
    jkovalsky4:28 PM
    Cool, thanks! Is that all from your side today?
    hmichel4:29 PM
    you just have no idea the problems it brings to us here
    I am satusfied when I see patch1-candidate
    jkovalsky4:29 PM
    Well, I can imagine how frustrating some stupid issues could be...
    Step #1: verify it in the trunk, OK?
    hmichel4:31 PM
    jkovalsky4:31 PM
    Great, do you have more issues today?
    hmichel4:31 PM
    just it
    jkovalsky4:31 PM
    OK, Annabel. The floor is yours!
    amelongo4:32 PM
    These issues are to import a jar file to NB either by right-clicking and selecting "add jar" like it's the case in eclipse: #159293 #143771 #51733
    jkovalsky4:32 PM
    I see. I discussed this with Jan Jancura and he will investigate how laborious task that is and consider it for 6.8. Your reply Annabel?
    amelongo4:32 PM
    you want me to move to the next issue?
    jkovalsky4:33 PM
    Fantastic. Now debugger, right?
    amelongo4:34 PM
    yes the next one is about the debugger issue that's not quite funtional in NB6.7 mostly in mac... #154974
    jkovalsky4:34 PM
    Hm, this is unfortunate. I can imagine how frustrating it is when NetBeans is suddenly gone but the fact that JVM crashes is not our fault. Please suggest the reporter (pmengaziol) to file new bug against Java instead:
    That's why Martin Entlicher closed the issue as WONTFIX.
    amelongo4:35 PM
    so what do you want me to do?
    jkovalsky4:36 PM
    It's up to you but you can speak to the reporter and suggest to file bug against Java.
    amelongo4:36 PM
    jkovalsky4:36 PM
    Would you like to do that?
    amelongo4:36 PM
    yes I will
    jkovalsky4:37 PM
    And finally, the JUnit case...
    amelongo4:37 PM
    the next issue is about Junit testing feature that causes a lot of worries #158812
    jkovalsky4:38 PM
    OK, this has been addressed partially in J2SE and APISupport projects already. Unfortunately, web projects are more complicated however according to David Konecny (current owner) he will take a look at this on Monday and publish his investigations. He said he was only waiting if somebody escalates this or not. So, good catch Annabel!
    If you noticed this issue has 67patch-candidate keyword so there is a chance to backport the fix to 6.7.1 if it comes soon enough.
    amelongo4:39 PM
    Great. Other than that I only have concerns that people raised about 2 issues. You want to hear them?
    jkovalsky4:40 PM
    We have some time so yes you can ...
    amelongo4:41 PM
    Ok, the first one was to know why is it NB isn't included in the SUN download manager? Since NB is becoming larger and larger and sometimes the download breaks it would be so neat to have a manager for it; very helpful for people with slow internet connection...
    It happens to me during the download and I had to start all over again... very painful...
    jkovalsky4:43 PM
    Hm, interesting. I was not aware of this so can't say anything right now but will need time to investigate this.
    amelongo4:43 PM
    next one?
    jkovalsky4:44 PM
    OK, come on.
    hmichel4:44 PM
    good point Annabel, should I say, about SDM
    amelongo4:45 PM
    The next one is that OpenOffice isn't in the NB6.7 plugin manager. Can you see to it please, Jiri?
    jkovalsky4:45 PM
    What do you mean? The API plugin?
    amelongo4:45 PM
    jkovalsky4:46 PM
    Yes, that's correct right now because our colleagues from OpenOffice team are finalizing the plugin to work fine with 6.7. Once they send us their tested binary we will stage/publish it right away.
    Thanks for the notice Annabel.
    amelongo4:47 PM
    The next and final one is a question to know when the source code will finally as support for jdk1.6. Since SUN is discontinuing support for jdk1.5 soon...
    jkovalsky4:47 PM
    It's that's all we can move on to the Q&A section. So, open-mic now...
    amelongo4:48 PM
    jkovalsky4:48 PM
    Yes, that's right that JDK 1.5 will EOL soon.
    I don't undersand what you mean that NetBeans does not support 1.6. Do you mean EE 6?
    amelongo4:50 PM
    The source of NB is under jdk1.5 ... that's what I mean
    hmichel4:51 PM
    I think Annabel are talking about nb source code should use jdk 6 at least
    I saw this question at nbuser too ou nbdev
    jkovalsky4:51 PM
    Oh, I see. I don't know. I will have to find it out, sorry.
    So, any other questions?
    hmichel4:52 PM
    @Jiri: do you already have all your answers prepared before the meeting?
    amelongo4:52 PM
    none on my side...
    hmichel4:52 PM
    or are you typing really fast...
    *you are...
    amelongo4:52 PM
    I think he has it already prepared...
    jkovalsky4:53 PM
    Yes, I always try to be prepared so that you don't have to wait. That's why I ask you to send the VOC candidates 1 day in advance.
    hmichel4:53 PM
    LOL I see
    jkovalsky4:53 PM
    And this way we do more with less time.
    amelongo4:53 PM
    it's a good pratice, I think but really take devotion and commitment...
    jkovalsky4:53 PM
    Yes, thanks.
    amelongo4:54 PM
    you're welcome...
    hmichel4:54 PM
    :-) so, one final comment
    jkovalsky4:54 PM
    hmichel4:54 PM
    the push is not at main repo yet
    as soon as it is merged at main, I will test and verify the issue as usual
    jkovalsky4:54 PM
    Yes, it is not. If you mean the bug #1
    hmichel4:55 PM
    #boolean getter issue
    so, that is it from me today
    jkovalsky4:55 PM
    Right. OK, so we are done for today, right?
    hmichel4:55 PM
    amelongo4:55 PM
    I think so... tomorrow is independence day in the US... a lot of fireworks!!!
    hmichel4:55 PM
    just send my apologize to David if I look rude
    I will reply him at issue too
    but sometimes is hard to understand and accept somethings
    jkovalsky4:57 PM
    Oh, don't worry about it. David Strupl is a good guy and his job is to calm down people or motivate them to better performance. He is used to it.
    Just please don't raise the priority again.
    @Annabel: Enjoy the celebrations!
    And enjoy your weekends!
    amelongo4:57 PM
    Nice week-end to all of you too....
    hmichel4:58 PM
    Nice weekend for you too people
    jkovalsky4:58 PM
    Good bye Captains!
    And thanks for your time today.

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