Satisfaction with NetCAT 8.2 program

Total respondents: 15 NetCAT 8.2 participants

Duration: September 23rd - October 3rd, 2016 (10 days)

1. How did you like NetCAT program in general?

Perfect idea    11 73 %
Good    3 20 %
Don't know    0 0 %
Useless activity    1 7 %
Very bad    0 0 %
Chart showing overall satisfaction with NetCAT.
2. Do you think the concept of NetCAT Tribes is worth repeating?

Yes    12 80 %
No    3 20 %
Chart showing opinion of NetCAT tribes concept.
3. How were you satisfied with the infrastructure (web, Bugzilla, mailing lists, Wiki, SSO, builds etc.)?

Very satisfied    4 26 %
Satisfied    9 60 %
Don't know    1 7 %
Discontented    1 7 %
Very discontented    0 0 %
Chart showing satisfaction with infrastructure.
4. How were you satisfied with fixing NetCAT bugs during stabilization phase?

Very satisfied    5 33 %
Satisfied    7 47 %
Don't know    0 0 %
Discontented    1 7 %
Very discontented    2 13 %
Chart showing satisfaction with bug fixing during NetCAT.
5. How would you classify the traffic on the NetCAT mailing list?

Heavy    0 0 %
Medium    11 73 %
Low    4 27 %
Distribution of traffic on NetCAT list (low/medium/high).
6. Would you like to praise or criticize some NetBeans engineer(s)? If so, please write their username(s) and your comment(s).

  • mathias42 was very quick to assist with db related bugs. Jiri has been awesome both on the mailing list and commenting on bugs.
  • Jirka - Always polite and smart.
  • I will praise all of them. Kind and reactive

7. How do you value work of NetCAT coordinator, Jiri Kovalsky?

Very satisfied    13 87 %
Satisfied    2 13 %
Don't know    0 0 %
Discontented    0 0 %
Very discontented    0 0 %
Graph of satisfaction with program coordination.
8. Who do you think was the most helpful NetCAT 8.2 participant?

  • That's hard to answer but jiri was fantastic
  • Brett Ryan
  • Many people

9. Would you participate in the next NetCAT program?

Yes    15 100 %
No    0 0 %
Graph of willingness to repeat participation in NetCAT.
10. What communication channel does suit your needs best?

Mailing list    15 100 %
Web forum    0 0 %
On-line chat    0 0 %
Other    0 0 %
Graph of preferred communication channel.
11. Do you have any suggestions for NetCAT program to be more successful?

  • Netcat team should really help in order to decrease the number of bug open on bugzilla (> 19600 !!) - see here. The job of netcat team isn't to solve - programatically - tickets. But we can test tickets, close already solved, manage more duplicate, ... It will give visibility on the attending to the netbeans team (which could then give a clean on easy tickets ;-)) Why we don't make a clean place before an apache incubator migration ? ;-) IMHO, after doing this on a part of the PHP -> editor tickets (~40 tickets closed as already solved on ~300), this request three things : 1/ A really precise definition of each component (example : PHP -> PHPdoc should be used for bad display of PHPdoc in CC ? for adding support for new @ elements ? ... ;-)) 2/ A really precise rules for testing / closing tickets (Jiri Kovalsky ? :-)) eg : should I close a ticket which is IMHO not realist ? Will it be netbeans enginneer (how to ask it to him / her ?) ? 3/ Provide "simple" metrics to challenge netcat team / tribes (eg : number of closed tickets) I'm available to discuss further of that :-)
  • I lead two of the smallest tribes db and profiler. Unfortunately both needed all their test cases rewritten, I spent most of my time working on rewriting these test cases and didn't get enough time to rewrite the profiler test cases as it was vastly changed since 8.0. I think we all found the synergy software in some respects a little unintuitive. It wasn't always clear how things hung together. IMHO if this was simplified it would make things go faster. The last NetCAT I participated in was 6.7 where it was wiki based, while more primitive it worked well and was simple to understand.
  • Not at the movement
  • - Remove obsolete test cases from the list: I did many Web Client related testing and at least 3 test cases were outdated.
  • Keep it Going!
  • 1 - I sort of liked the weekly updates that were present in the previous NetCAT, it time allwos these could be bought back. 2 - When first registering to the mailing list in the automatic welcome email there could be links to the various relevant pages (simplified bug submission, net cat rules, etc) this would be especially useful to new participants
  • I hope that on Apache, Jiri can stay at coordination for such a program to keep it success. Maybe a commitee may be needed but I deep think we need guys from oracle. (By extension documentation and tutorial also need some Oracle presence)

12. Any other comments regarding this initiative?

  • For the question 3, I read (understand) it as "do you think that netcat should continue to live" (not sure of my understanding ;-)). Not sure of my english on this point :-(
  • NetCAT is absolutely a well deserved program. One suggestion I would make is I did provide several bugfixes as I raised the bugs which is why I did run out of tims. None of my bugfixes were included and no reason given. In other OSS products I've worked on the component owner will review the patch and communicate what changes need to be made in order for the bug to be accepted. Instead with NetBeans the component owner goes down their own path.
  • Do we continue this , if we move to Apache
  • I think the NetCAT participants should have a major vote in the readiness of the next release. We who have tested it the most are in the best position to determine if it is ready.
  • Please maintain this initiative alive!
  • This is a very good initiative. I hope it can coexist with an Apache process. Fingers crosseds

Updated: October 5th, 2016

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