Results from NetBeans IDE 8.2 Community Acceptance survey

JavaScript Frameworks

  • I think it is infinity loop that is not discovered
  • Some JSX syntax errors are popping up in the editor, but these are not disturbing me. For example, the function keyword is no longer required in functions, but this could show that a parameter was already used in previously defined functions, eg: var testClass = { init( prop ) { }, destroy( prop ) { // this prop would be marked as a duplicate parameter } }; Sometimes, with JSX, the {} notation can lead to showing an error of unexpected characters, eg: return would mark 1 of the brackets as unexpected or destructuring could lead to a similar problem, eg: return would mark the {... as unexpected
  • A lot of BugTickets for JS are still open. JS is now a big part of NetBeans, it is not a Java only IDE anymore, so please make more work for JS enhancements like analyzing, refactoring, usages, etc.
  • Excellent work especially ES6 support
  • I am waiting for Article to hands on
  • Editor jumps while scrolling up or down.
  • I'm currently focused on Java related back-end projects
  • I encounter some slowness with big JS projects. Depending on the size of the project is just annoying or hard to use.
  • During debug when I hover over a variable, if I try to inspect it, I get a blank page.
  • I have been using for work without a problem!!

  • Updated: September 2nd, 2016

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