Results from NetBeans IDE 8.2 Community Acceptance survey

General comments

  • - there are not preview for selected colors. Every color should have preview - compress getters and setters into one line (or every method with one line of code) - "non-printable characters should have easy setting to change color - BREAK LINE char) - some integration within Editor with checkstyle maven plugin, - maybe some video screencast during programming with usage every features in Netbeans, with shortcuts, configuration, etc.
  • I think the support for code navigation is very good in 8.2, one of the main reasons I started to use netbeans again
  • Thank you so match for multicursor editing.
  • Need better suport to hdpi resolution, the icons are too small and better suport to touch screen, specially to finger scroll. I'm trying to use in surface pro 3, but this very unconfortable.
  • * No new Java editor features were introduced. No Git changes. My overall feeling is that less developers worked on this release than in 8.1. And even less in the final phase of NB 8.2. * I tried the OracleJET plugin within the MOOC. The code completion does not work in several places. I propose that the OracleJET plugin developers have to work daily with their own plugin to see the quirks and improve it day by day. JET-Newbies like me, who work next to the "main paved road" (because I do not know JET in detail), are confused, why some CC work in this place, but not in another. Even when it is correct knockout syntax. But in the end I do not care. I do not use JS features.
  • how about the latest version of glassfish 5.0 (Snapshot) can we include it in 8.2?
  • Work with the netcat team before netbeans 8.3 / 9 to reduce open ticket on the bugzilla (clean old or already resolved ticket) / Already discussed with Jirka
  • Grails 3 support is missing from 8.2 rc
  • Faster release cycles for new features. We have to wait months for new features and yes we can use nightly but often they are not stable enough so no this is of short or long not an option. Update for minor and major release should be easier.
  • I think the IDE is ready
  • Netbeans needs the following NEW multi-caret bugs fixed before release: #262728 - New multi-caret support has invalid key bindings for OS X #262731 - Multi-caret key binding CTRL+SHIFT+CLICK does not work on Mac OS #262729 - Multi-carets for next/all occurrence(s) should search for last search pattern The following KnockoutJS bug needs fixing #262276 - Can not edit file contents with knockoutjs attributes that contain concatenations.
  • 1.I wonder why NB moving to Apache. Do we have NetCat for next release. ? After GJ, who is going to promote and write article on Netbeans ?
  • Netbeans is always awesome. It needs to add more features. I'm suing PHP so I would always talk to improve it for PHP.
  • Fix existing bugs.
  • The installer doesn't set the JDK path in netbeans.conf on Ubuntu/Mint netbeans_jdkhome="/usr/lib/jvm/default-java"
  • I'm interested in seeing what the Apache ecosystem will bring to Netbeans.
  • Time to ship
  • keep the great work
  • It is a great tool, my favorite IDE! It saved me in many difficult situation at work. Thanks a log guys! ;)
  • You guys are great.
  • Best IDE I have worked with in the last 20 years
  • Thanks for the great work, I have been using some of the nightly builds and the RC in my daily work and have not spotted anything when working with Maven & Java, JavaScript and HTML/JSP projects with a few hundred classes, around 20 modules and 100.000 LOCs. We have switched to NetBeans from Eclipse for some of our Maven-based projects because the integration just works out of the box. Compile-on Save sometimes has its issues with some of our complex JUnit / Spring / Mockito Tests, but it generally works well.
  • Best IDE i have ever used!
  • NetBeans has come a long way, and is a pretty great tool. The team should be really proud of the work they've done. I realize that it's difficult, but it would be nice if releases were more frequent. :-)
  • Please keep up the good work!
  • Love it! Ship it!
  • Great job team!!

  • Updated: September 2nd, 2016

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