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Suggested features

  • 1) Angular2, typescript 2) better groovy support (I hate groovy, but I must spocking tests), JUnit5 3) more file types for formatting settings, ... maybe integrate shell with new windows bash for Linux/Ubuntu?
  • Better resource bundle editor like Eclipse ResourceBundle Editor. I need better formating support for resource bundle (alphabetical order, equals aligment etc.). #228936 Provide support for 'Injected Languages' on any String literal #267473 - Add favorite connections for attach debugger - this really missing if you use multiple JVM.
  • I'm learning angular 2, i would like to see support to typescript
  • Netbeans using JavaFX Native and leave swing
  • * Update support for newest Maven version, * improve Java editor support, * filterable tree/list-widgets in the platform to improve the UX step by step
  • Support for both LTS and development versions of Symfony.
  • please try before you release, can you create JDBC Connection from Glassfish Administration panel? come on bro!, it is error, and u still use this 4.1.1 version from the previous version...
  • Better PHP type inference and autocompletion, and support for PHP 7.1.
  • * Preinstalled Gradle plugin * Support to build an executable JAR with Spring Boot
  • 3? Yes, exactly Grails 3 support is missing. Which looking at available patches from Bruno, should be done already..
  • Quicker file finding and opening a la Cmd + P in Atom / Sublime Fast command search like Atom Cmd + P when you don't know or don't have a shortcut PSR2 Code formatting (PHP)
  • 1) Introduce parameter object refactoring. 2) Possibility to create a class from type when doing TDD, i.e. writing a type, clt+Enter create class of that type, not object type like it is now. 3) Gradle support.
  • Yeoman support, based on the plugin of Geertjan. Yeoman Enviroment needs a wrapper for that. More SQL Editor improvements. More nice/fancy features which helps you for your daily work. I created a lot of bugzilla tickets which are enhancements to make your daily work easier.
  • HAPI.js support Node process manager (PM2 like) NoSQL Support
  • Less of a desire to unify shortcuts across platforms and better understand the mata keys within each platform so that conflicts with OS (particularly OS X) are avoided.
  • Built in file map sidebar as the one in Sublime
  • Angular 2, Typescript, In page navigation like in WebStorm
  • I would like to have the following feature for PHP: (a) To get the methods of a parent class in the navigation pane of the child class for PHP. (b) When we create a new class, the dialog box for creating new class must display two dropdown boxes, one to select the implemented Interface name, and other to select the parent class name. (c) When we search for a package using composer, this is very much time consuming. I give the exact package name, but Netbeans keep searching for other related names, it should not, or there should be an option for the exact match or loose match. I can see that my required package is at top of Netbeans searching, but it keeps searching on for others which are not useful for me or I don't want to use right now. For this issue, I don't use composer from NetBeans side. I use OS provided terminal to require a package.
  • Nodejs support PHP enhancement JavaScript intergration
  • 1. Fix existing bugs. 2. Fix existing bugs. 3. Fix existing bugs.
  • ECMA script, Node.js, C++
  • I would like to see some native integration with sonarqube or code checker Newer better maven (3.3.9) or future version
  • More PHP framework support (laravel, CodeIgniter) Better Spring support
  • I wish I could import an existing Xcode C++ project and build apps on the Mac.
  • Allow "select in files" feature in addition to "select in projects". Allow to delete files from diff view (we can only revert modifications, but no delete newly created files).
  • MongoDB database support (drivers and queries)
  • Java 9 inspect and transform so I can see impact on my code Better Java9 support in general Better mac icons for mac high res display
  • 1) Find a better way how a debuger displays values, for example arrays 2) Maybe something like conditional breakpoints that some breakpoints are activated only when another breakpoint is hit.
  • angular-material and browserify+budo support
  • - Improved support for shell (better color of variables in string and correct support of line breaks in string) - Improved ES2016 support
  • 1. Eclipse has this amazing plugin to generate dinamically diagrams It is opensource and would be amazing if Netbeans would integrate it in a future release. PLEASE before to consider it as another stupid UML plugin just try it with eclipse working on a big java project (for example the source of Netbeans itself) only to see how it is able to generate the class/sequence diagram graphically starting from the selected class. 2. Add a better support for Test Driven Development. 3. Improve the java debugger. It work yet great and doesn't have main issues but could have more features like: - save/restore breakpoints sets - when the debugger is stopped on a breakpoint have the option "run to the cursor skipping all next breakpoints" - Very important: improve the formatter that displays the objects content giving more flexibility. (example give the possibility to set an external java class that get the object and provide the formatted output displayed in the debugger)
  • Faster start-up. Please, please make it start up faster. It takes FOREVER to get up and get going. I think it is all those small files scattered on the disk which is making it so slow. And I don't mean the .class files or .java files -- I mean the layer files.
  • Improved WildFly integration (e.g. bug #267599)
  • JavaFX support for NetBeans Platform Applications
  • Typescript support
  • 1 - support some tweaks to maven settings.xml file from the maven options window. 2 - add a global maven JDK override switch to tell maven to always use a specified JDK without havint to set it on every single project.
  • Shortcuts with Russian keyboard layout arent works in Ubuntu 16.04 and some early versions. Will be great to fix it.
  • Native or improved Gradle integration (Attila Kelemens Plugin is really good, but it is still not as integrated as tightly as for example Maven support). Project or Project Groups-based code style / formatter setting with support for Eclipse formatter definition. Git Flow support.
  • Rust support would be nice Netbeans would be a great tool for Arduino development Version control has some sorting issues, and it would be nice if files could be grouped into change sets for organizing multiple commits.
  • Better Groovy and Gradle support
  • Javascript editor would like to see find usage. As I can when using Java
  • Better support for Gradle Give the option to change location of Netbeans Projects home from user interface (in a way similar to Eclipse). Let choose the type of project and do not change it if certain files are present (e.g. a Gradle project changes to a Maven Project if a .pom file is present)
  • An integrated support for Scala and SBT
  • Fully compatible dark theme or an official support for Darcula theme, Better support for Gradle Official support for atleast one alternative JVM language (e.g Scala)
  • docker++ spring boot & cloud java++
  • Native typescript support, more control over how the php includes path is treated, user configurable component pallets for snippets, better auto-complete for templates
  • 1) When creating RCP Apps using Ant, the Project Properties -> Libraries is very useful. AFAIK there is no such an option for mvn platform apps. It would help a lot to have something similar that add the platform dependencies to the pom.xml. 2) I would love to see a more newer polished interface based on JavaFX. 3) Faster start

  • Updated: September 2nd, 2016

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