Satisfaction with NetCAT 8.1 program

Total respondents: 27 NetCAT 8.1 participants

Duration: October 26th - November 1st, 2015 (7 days)

1. How did you like NetCAT program in general?

Perfect idea    20 74 %
Good    7 26 %
Don't know    0 0 %
Useless activity    0 0 %
Very bad    0 0 %
Chart showing overall satisfaction with NetCAT.
2. Do you think the concept of NetCAT Tribes is worth repeating?

Yes    25 93 %
No    2 7 %
Chart showing opinion of NetCAT tribes concept.
3. How were you satisfied with the infrastructure (web, Bugzilla, mailing lists, Wiki, SSO, builds etc.)?

Very satisfied    9 33 %
Satisfied    16 59 %
Don't know    2 8 %
Discontented    0 0 %
Very discontented    0 0 %
Chart showing satisfaction with infrastructure.
4. How were you satisfied with fixing NetCAT bugs during stabilization phase?

Very satisfied    6 22 %
Satisfied    16 59 %
Don't know    5 19 %
Discontented    0 0 %
Very discontented    0 0 %
Chart showing satisfaction with bug fixing during NetCAT.
5. How would you classify the traffic on the NetCAT mailing list?

Heavy    3 11 %
Medium    21 78 %
Low    3 11 %
Distribution of traffic on NetCAT list (low/medium/high).
6. Would you like to praise or criticize some NetBeans engineer(s)? If so, please write their username(s) and your comment(s).

  • I appreciate the help from: Theofanis Oikonomou (theofanis) Alexander Simon (alexvsimon) Dusan Balek (dbalek) Petr Hejl (phejl) Tomas Zezula (tzezula) Tomas Stupka (tstupka) Milutin Kristofic (mkristofic) Also, thanks to: Vladimir Voskresensky Vladimir Riha Jiri Prox (jiriprox) Jiri Kovalski
  • All the way we are very happy tribe/community for making thing happen. There was a continuous/push effort by tribe leader, who made it successfull, continuous guidelines which were appreciated by the community. Thanks to Jiri, one of the best mentors and tribe leader. Thanks for raj mehendera. Thanks for netbeans.
  • Everybody is fine, can't decide for some special mentions.
  • Vladimir Riha Quickly responded to all my Synergy requests and complaints.
  • Vladimir Riha for outstanding performance

7. How do you value work of NetCAT coordinator, Jiri Kovalsky?

Very satisfied    19 70 %
Satisfied    8 30 %
Don't know    0 0 %
Discontented    0 0 %
Very discontented    0 0 %
Graph of satisfaction with program coordination.
8. Who do you think was the most helpful NetCAT 8.1 participant?

  • Mark Wilmoth
  • Eric Barboni
  • Vladimir Riha
  • Whoever scored the most points.
  • jiri
  • stwr
  • Everyone who was testing, reporting and veryfing :)

9. Would you participate in the next NetCAT program?

Yes    26 96 %
No    1 4 %
Graph of willingness to repeat participation in NetCAT.
10. What communication channel does suit your needs best?

Mailing list    22 82 %
Web forum    2 7 %
On-line chat    3 11 %
Other    0 0 %
Graph of preferred communication channel.
11. Do you have any suggestions for NetCAT program to be more successful?

  • Sometimes deadlines are too tight. Since we're all volunteers we not always have the time window.
  • I am not sure how was it in other tribes but my tribe leader did not do the job he was supposed to. Maybe it would be good idea to let members pick tests which they actually want and leave the volunteer idea as-is.
  • Try to come up with a more specific timeline in advance of the testing period.
  • Try out additional communication, f.e. a slack (like) chat system. (
  • When user is assigned with work. if user has not started the work. talk to him or give him a guidelines personally. It happen when the user engage himself for the community for the first time.
  • I would look into increasing points for "feature full tested by test specification on 1 operating system". I like free-range testing because testing per specification is boring. Increasing the points would probably not encourage me to do it, but it might encourage others. If you spend a lot of time testing per specification, you will not find a lot of bugs and when you do, they are most likely duplicates. While you are doing that, I am ranking up the bug counts doing free-range testing. I think it would be fair to increase points for specification testing. I don't know - just a thought. You might want to give points for Community-Contributed Docs too.
  • Well, I must say that Synergy is a very promising addition, but requires more work to make test runs easier. Right now it's hard to find a proper sanity tests and tribes sphere of responsibility. So someone needs to improve filtering there and update test specs to an actual NB version.

12. Any other comments regarding this initiative?

  • I needed more lead time for this last round of testing.
  • Thanks for your work Jiri :)
  • Provide KT for Noob.
  • Fix times have been impressive. Schedule a cleaning week: participants choose preffered issues(s) and will be fixed (within some boundaries). Might include a review of older issues.
  • Great initiative, keep up the good work!

Updated: November 4th, 2015

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