Satisfaction with NetCAT 8.0 program

Total respondents: 51 NetCAT 8.0 participants

Duration: March 11th - March 16th, 2014 (6 days)

1. How did you like NetCAT program in general?

Perfect idea    36 71 %
Good    15 29 %
Don't know    0 0 %
Useless activity    0 0 %
Very bad    0 0 %
Chart showing overall satisfaction with NetCAT.
2. Do you think the concept of NetCAT Tribes is worth repeating?

Yes    45 88 %
No    6 12 %
Chart showing opinion of NetCAT tribes concept.
3. How were you satisfied with the infrastructure (web, Bugzilla, mailing lists, Wiki, SSO, builds etc.)?

Very satisfied    13 25 %
Satisfied    35 69 %
Don't know    2 4 %
Discontented    1 2 %
Very discontented    0 0 %
Chart showing satisfaction with infrastructure.
4. How were you satisfied with fixing NetCAT bugs during stabilization phase?

Very satisfied    13 25 %
Satisfied    30 59 %
Don't know    6 12 %
Discontented    2 4 %
Very discontented    0 0 %
Chart showing satisfaction with bug fixing during NetCAT.
5. How would you classify the traffic on the NetCAT mailing list?

Heavy    11 22 %
Medium    35 69 %
Low    5 10 %
Distribution of traffic on NetCAT list (low/medium/high).
6. Would you like to praise or criticize some NetBeans engineer(s)? If so, please write their username(s) and your comment(s).

  • Congratulations the whole DevTeam!
  • Vladimir Riha - thanks for your excellent work on Synergy!
  • , Excellent support in fixing bug in AngularJs and HTML editor, And most importantly he provided Synergy tool web app source code . I congrats and praise for his work.
  • Lou Dasario: Extraordinary contribution to NetCAT. Manikantan: Great contribution to Tutorial review
  • Praise for Vladimir Riha, good man
  • I wasn't able to participate as much as I would have liked in bug reporting this time, so I don't have an answer for this one.
  • I would like to praise he always bugfix the issues immediately.
  • Eric Barboni as an excellent Tribe leader.
  • Jiri Prox; Awesome response to some of the defects/bugs I raised. Kenneth, Alyona & Geertjan: Authors of many of the tutorials who happily considered my suggestions
  • support from Jiri was excellent.
  • Jiri Kovalsky for his excellent co-ordination and motivation to the testers
  • First on this netcat 8.0 I had significantly less bug (personnal feeling) (most of them was reported by netbeans itself) that means I had less interaction with team as last netcat. Vladimir Riha, for Synergy (for this first adption is very cool,for me Synergy is the tool allowing testing without being lost in the tests.)
  • Milos Kleint for is presence, fast to reply and clear answer. Many thanks to everyone for kindness,responsiveness.
  • Ondrej Vrabec - He followed throu with enhancement 239642 even if it was not really a blocking issue, thanks to him seamless SVN 1.7 integration might make it into 8.0 patch 1. Jiri Kovalsky - For the awesome job of coordinating the NetCAT program.
  • Milos Kleint: Our Maven guru with his fast and helpful fixes and comments.
  • I would like to thank Vladimir Riha for the quick response/solving of some bug report that I opened.

7. How do you value work of NetCAT coordinator, Jiri Kovalsky?

Very satisfied    40 78 %
Satisfied    10 20 %
Don't know    1 2 %
Discontented    0 0 %
Very discontented    0 0 %
Graph of satisfaction with program coordination.
8. Who do you think was the most helpful NetCAT 8.0 participant?

  • Mark Wilmoth
  • Yes, I learning several things while participating this event
  • Lou Dasaro
  • Kovalsky
  • Scott Palmer
  • No idea.
  • Vladimir Riha
  • Jiri Kovalsky, Hermien
  • Mark Wilmoth
  • Manikantan Narender Nath
  • No opinion
  • synergy
  • Benno Markiewicz
  • Lou Dasaro

9. Would you participate in the next NetCAT program?

Yes    50 98 %
No    1 2 %
Graph of willingness to repeat participation in NetCAT.
10. What communication channel does suit your needs best?

Mailing list    42 82 %
Web forum    5 10 %
On-line chat    3 6 %
Other    1 2 %
Graph of preferred communication channel.
11. Do you have any suggestions for NetCAT program to be more successful?

  • None
  • NA
  • Bugs I filed for NB8 before NetCAT started are not taken in account nor were not reviewed.
  • I would like NetCAT program adding a mini summit online to gather all the participants. It can be done the last day of the NetCAT. It will be also great to add a part of plugin test
  • I am teaching testing (amongst other things). Letting students (as in a whole class) participate with some way of work partitioning could even get more testers at work. Maybe for some next round.
  • - Merge the small tribes into a bigger tribe to provide more availability. - Getting more audience into testing Groovy/Grails
  • Address the backlog of bugs first.
  • Synergy is fantastic, keep it going and keep adding features.
  • Sorry, No idea.
  • get more people to know it.
  • Don't break the flow anytime.
  • Start earlier, allowing more RFE and feature design changes to occur
  • A tad more time for some testing phases and if tribes continue a bit more structure three. I was in the php and I think java editor tribes, but never heard anything from the tribe (don't know if there were extra mailing lists I was supposed to get in but didn't?).
  • I am still unclear on the process for reporting/resolving issues. Some seem to prefer mailing their problems to the NetCat List, and others presumably just report them. Clarification on the preferred process to follow would be helpful.
  • I had much trouble with synergy, feels like an expert tool which needs more training and is much more complex and confusing then the plain test cases in the past. It is a good concept and promising, but the current implementation... well... it aggravated me, I more than once aborted a test and at the sanity test phase I ran a full testplan instead of sanity, what I in fact wanted.
  • No suggestions
  • More useful communication channel instead of mailing lists, like web forum or google groups.
  • I think a way to have tutorials synergysed :D would be a very nice improvement on the tutorial testing.
  • The only thing I can think of is a welcome e-mail, maybe some text can be appended to the welcome e-mail that is sent to confirm joining the list, with the most important links to FAQ pages and guidelines, all the most important things are documented, but for a new entry like me having a reference/tutorial e-mail can be handy.
  • 1. I think that should be useful a Netcat Quick start page that gives to newcomers the instruction to start (example: what is the version of netbeans that I have to use? What the version of java? Where I can find the tests? Have I to wait till the tests are assigned or have I to search for them, in this case where?) 2. It should be nice if the discussions are not only centered on the bugs but also on the new features and changes needed. 3. The Netcat logo is a bit ugly and seems obsolete, what do you think about a new logo (contest)? :) :P

12. Any other comments regarding this initiative?

  • I think that Synergy is a wonderful tool, and it has contributed to excellent testing coordination. Thanks for investing in the time to develop this tool!
  • It's hard to follow your rythm when I have not alot amount of time to spend on it.
  • Each and every time I am learning several things with this program.
  • Synergy and the dashboard are very useful
  • NetCat is the best NetBeans Community program for the moment.
  • Although the timeschedule was a bit hard on me, I think is is one way of giving back to the community.
  • I have recently announced my early retirement, but will continue to work on projects of my own at home. I hope to continue participating in NetCAT, as I will have more time now (although less code to test with NetBeans!).
  • No.
  • Let Oracle use more communication channels to make this process wide known.
  • Jiri Kovalsky was fantastic as always ;-)
  • Like the idea! Although I didn't had to much time in this particular NetCAT program, I'd definately try to participate again (and be more helpful then ;)).
  • Amazing initiative ensuring high quality open-source product. Congratulation netbeans team and all contributers
  • I would mention to new tribe leaders that the software used to track tests sends to the netbeans address, not the one on the mailing list, that one caught me.
  • I was very late signing up for this project, but felt swamped with information overload, both from web pages and emails. A single document/email/web page outlining how to proceed ("readmefirst") would have been helpful.
  • I am quite disappointed that there were no rewards for the last Netcat run. I must confess that this felt like my effort and contribution was less valued than before. I know, stupid, but I want to be honest.
  • I would vote for the plugin that Aristides Villarreal (netbeans dreamteam member) is working on that works in Netbeans. If we could bring web application wizards and tools that he is working on in netbeans (PrimeFaces+Glassfish+JPA+...) in the next version, it would be a great initiative. We could bring the JSF code generator even miles ahead.
  • It should continue
  • KEEP IT !!!! :p 1) Lots of mail but that's a good point to me (it's not impacting feelings on netcat) 2) Tribe management with public archive on the site make it more usefull than it was on previous netcat. No google list that you need an account on google and so on.
  • Really nice program.
  • 1. I agree with Edson Richter, the list of opened bugs increase release after release and many times seems that the reported bugs are not taken in consideration. I love Netbeans but I agree that it's far from being perfect. 2. Synergy is a very nice tool.

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