Satisfaction with NetCAT 7.4 program

Total respondents: 55 NetCAT 7.4 participants

Duration: October 8th - October 13th, 2013 (6 days)

1. How did you like NetCAT program in general?

Perfect idea    50 91 %
Good    5 9 %
Don't know    0 0 %
Useless activity    0 0 %
Very bad    0 0 %
Chart showing overall satisfaction with NetCAT.
2. Do you think the concept of NetCAT Tribes is worth repeating?

Yes    45 82 %
No    10 18 %
Chart showing opinion of NetCAT tribes concept.
3. How were you satisfied with the infrastructure (web, Bugzilla, mailing lists, Wiki, SSO, builds etc.)?

Very satisfied    13 24 %
Satisfied    39 71 %
Don't know    1 2 %
Discontented    2 4 %
Very discontented    0 0 %
Chart showing satisfaction with infrastructure.
4. How were you satisfied with fixing NetCAT bugs during stabilization phase?

Very satisfied    18 33 %
Satisfied    31 56 %
Don't know    4 7 %
Discontented    2 4 %
Very discontented    0 0 %
Chart showing satisfaction with bug fixing during NetCAT.
5. How would you classify the traffic on the NetCAT mailing list?

Heavy    17 31 %
Medium    33 60 %
Low    5 9 %
Distribution of traffic on NetCAT list (low/medium/high).
6. Would you like to praise or criticize some NetBeans engineer(s)? If so, please write their username(s) and your comment(s).

  • Milos Kleint : Netbeans Apache Maven integration is priceless and beats all other IDEs
  • All fine
  • Everybody were friendly and helpful! Thanks to each and every engineer!
  • Benno Markiewicz - I give him 5+ :)
  • No One, i trust every one tries there best to rollout the NB 7.4
  • Specials Thanks to Milos Keint with this almost immediate fix or feedback. Special Thanks to Jan Pirek, for all stuff I did. All others engineers were very nice and helpfull. Big thanks to all of them. Also thanks DocTeam member but not sure there considered as engineer.
  • Work of Jiri Kovalsky is awesome and very useful.
  • Praise to all of them!
  • Everyone is great, but Dusan Balek stands out in my mind as a good developer to work with. He did a great job of fixing a bunch of Java editor and option bugs.
  • no
  • The NetBeans engineers do a great job and they make their best to satisfy our caprices. They offer to us a great tool. They are all fantastic!
  • Milos Klient (mkleint) - I was very happy with his contributions to my bug reports during the Netcat program
  • Stanislav Aubrecht and Marek Fukala were very helpfull and good at fixing bugs. I'm kinda disappointed by Ondrej Brejla for #227747 but looks like it wasn't his idea to make it work that way, so for me it's a really bad decision of a Netbeans dev team :/
  • Dusan Balek + Milos Klein: Good work. Fast feedback. Good guys! Martin Entlicher: No feedback to issues - f.e. #218933 (too busy or overlooked? Sorry for blaming.)
  • I think they were all very professional
  • They're all pretty good. It would be useful to have them respond to bugs quicker than a week lag, even if its just to say "I won't be able to look into this (bug) for a week".
  • Milos Kleint, for his amazing support and quick response to Maven issues.
  • Everybody from NetBeans stuff responded perfectly to my reports and patch proposals while participating in NetCAT. I would like to make a special acknowledgement to Jiri Kovalsky for his excellent coordination and support.

7. How do you value work of NetCAT coordinator, Jiri Kovalsky?

Very satisfied    50 91 %
Satisfied    5 9 %
Don't know    0 0 %
Discontented    0 0 %
Very discontented    0 0 %
Graph of satisfaction with program coordination.
8. Who do you think was the most helpful NetCAT 7.4 participant?

  • All
  • Glenn Holmer
  • Jiri Kovalsky
  • Mark Wilmoth
  • Benno Markiewicz
  • Should be 7.4
  • I trust every one who posted are valuable
  • Benno Markiewicz
  • NetCAT Hackathon
  • Benno Markiewicz
  • Benno Markiewicz
  • Additional tool such as the web site to centralize individual activities
  • Benno Markiewicz - This guy seemed to be a machine!!!
  • Benno Markiewicz
  • Mark Wilmoth
  • Mark Wilmoth
  • Jiří Kovalský
  • Glen Holmer
  • Lou Dasaro
  • Mark Willmoth, I believe he did a great & through job hunting bugs.
  • Janario Oliveira

9. Would you participate in the next NetCAT program?

Yes    54 98 %
No    1 2 %
Graph of willingness to repeat participation in NetCAT.
10. What communication channel does suit your needs best?

Mailing list    48 87 %
Web forum    6 11 %
On-line chat    0 0 %
Other    1 2 %
Graph of preferred communication channel.
11. Do you have any suggestions for NetCAT program to be more successful?

  • During this NetCAT program the mailing list has become to unstructured, from my point of view. By that I mean that there have been too many discussions on the list that do not really pertain to the actual goal of NetCAT, namely to test NetBeans during its beta/stabilization phase.
  • Do not publish mailing lists publicly on the web
  • Not for the moment, the tribes are a good idea but there need to be more "freeswingers" since a tribe only checks their realm and not the interaction between respective realm.
  • It could be fine if we can update to the latest build with update center. For example something similar as you can see in fedora linux and its rawhide repo.
  • tribe-specific email distribution lists, so that I'm not spammed with for instance PHP-specific issues when I'm only interested in Maven. There is a lot of traffic during a NetCAT program, and I spend a considerable time deleting mails I'm not interested in
  • I missed the process of assigning leaders for the tribes, so I assume that this was an automated process based on available hours. (If I am wrong in this assumption, the following is probably not as valid. :) ) I believe that available hours is only a small part of what makes a good tribe leader. A tribe leader that volunteers for the position is much more likely to be a good and consistent coordinator IMO, since he/she chose to be in that role. So my suggestion is to bring back the process of members volunteering, and then resorting to number of hours or some other metric if nobody comes forward for a particular tribe.
  • - Adding some testing guidelines and substitute participants to make up for the lack of members in some tribes. - A weekly tribe leader meeting to organize work effort with the coordinator and help providing resources for the tribes left behind. - Continuously recruiting new members to the program to make up for the members who couldn't satisfy their hours for any reason.
  • Start earlier during the development phase, allowing for more RFEs to be implemented
  • Please add the archive link in the footer of every mailing list post!
  • 1. I don't understand the idea of tribe. my name is in "Java editor" tribe. But, I don't know how I entered that tribe. I did not get any communication from the leader also. It may be because of my ignorance, but, I am fully unclear about this. 2. infrastructure can be more user friendly. Currently, it is like a rudimentary development side. It can be more intuitive and friendly. 3. netbeans wiki is another area that requires more improvement. may be latest mediawiki can be used. Navigation tree or site map is required. Because, searching a content or page and identifying it is very difficult
  • I trust if the Bug Fixing procedure is more two way communicated it should be better.
  • Would be great to do more directly from the IDE. Like an special plugin to handle stuff. Personally I didn't have much time this time around due to work and since I had to go out of the IDE to do most of the stuff I just was unable to do so.
  • -- Tribes seems a bit too restrictive IMHO. I will check for free tribe in the next NetCAT. -- Mailing list is high traffic but usefull traffic. -- Test Specification are sometimes very long. Maybe interesring to split on easy to test shorter TS.
  • Not at all
  • Free Oracle certification tests for top participants. :-)
  • Na
  • I suggest to add an IRC channel too and have regular online chat meeting with tribe leaders
  • 1. More time to review Candiate builds. - there were times when this timeframe was very short, and myself and other netcat participants couldnt do a full range of testing. 2. I would like to see the dashboard used more effectively for pointing out the current weeks priority. You would need to drive traffic to it, and that can be done by posting the weekly status report on the dashboard. Inboxes build up quickly and if your signed up to a few mailing lists, you can sometime miss an email. Email is still useful for questions, and following up on the comments mentioned in the weekly status report... 3. Tribes could do with a reworking... 3.1 - Mailing list per tribe? IT would remove alot of unwanted emails, from areas that developers dont know about, and if that want to be in the loop they can subscribe. Any important information will be in the weekly status report, right Jiri ;) 3.2 - The Tribes seemed to die away after the initial testing and documentation checks. Is there a way to keep people focused on their own areas? I am not sure, but its worth looking into the process. 3.3 - While Tribes seemed to die away, did some of them even get started? Leadership of a Tribe should, where possible be based on past experience, not just participation in the Netcat, but actual noticable participation, so that you can trust the leader to try at least to bring the tribal community together with the current tasks. be
  • Well, maybe it's time to make an official autoupdater for the dev builds?
  • * Reopened bugs should be reviewed too. * a colleague (who was convinced by me to join NetCat) was very confused about the different types of communication types. There is a wiki, there is a forum, there are google drive documents... * Promote the usefulness of the NetCat program for the single NetCat participant even. Higher bug priority, exceptions report will be transformed into bugs immediately, learn about new features, gamification (earning points and win stuff)
  • A easy way to import settings into each release would make it easier to test with all our unique settings.
  • 1. Avoid short notice for tasks with short deadline. If possible all tasks with deadlines should have a weekend in between for participants to work on. 2. Promote the program more widely, especially through social networks. 3. Some sanity test specifications take more than 4 hours. e.g GUI builder sanity specification. Please shorten such specification if possible. 4. Please make sure delivery of gifts to participants is timely. I remember it took months for gifts to be sent in the last two NetCAT sessions. 5. Tribes need better monitoring and coordination.
  • Better infrastructure. At times users have reported delays / severe latency issues. Better communication of roles and responsibilities - I have frequently felt unsure of what action to take on a given issue. Tee-shirts for everybody who put in more than twenty hours. Weee
  • Some of the deadlines for completion of the tests, especially final pre-release tests, were extremely short. Reasonable extension of deadlines (1 more day or so) could possibly help more participants to include their opinion.

12. Any other comments regarding this initiative?

  • Issue some sort of certificate that contributes to one's curricula
  • It's just a perfect use of the community for a FLOSS application !!!
  • Thanks for involving the community!
  • Keep up the good work :)
  • I regret not having as much time to spend on testing this time around. But despite that I enjoyed the testing and the interaction with other community members. A big thanks as always to Jirka for his incredible contribution!
  • I was assigned as the groovy tribe leader but due to the situation here in Egypt I couldn't help as much as I've anticipated before, so please accept my apologies.
  • 1. Very good initiative. I love to work here 2. Coordinating the efforts across the globe is not that easy. It is managed well. But, can be better
  • It would be helpful if every mailing list subscriber would receive contents based only by their own contribution options. The tribes idea is a great way to separate the interests of what everyone would like to join, but in practice, I've received lots of emails talking about features beyond the ones I've listed to help and unfortunately there's not too much I can do for that. In order to prevent it, it would be nice to have an specific mailing list for each tribe, with it's own email list for each tribe. I know this would turn things harder to control, too many mailing lists would certainly turn into troubles if there's not people enough to moderate/follow up, but I think this could be helpful.
  • This is excellent - Don Liyanage
  • Make links to tests doc + tutorial reviews more visible from dashboard/NetCAT wiki page. Longer time for final release sanity test.
  • -- Usefull (very very). -- Very nice people around.
  • No.
  • I'm just a passive watcher of NetCAT mailing list and an occasional bug reporter, but I see it as a very useful information stream which keeps me informed about news and development actions in NetBeans.
  • Na
  • RAS
  • I enjoyed it immensly... I started doing this when I was out of work, and it helped keep me busy, but more importantly it got me communication in bug reports, and emails, which I would say has been my weakest skill as a developer. I also believe it played a part(Community Participation) in getting me my current role, so YAY :) If I had a negative, it would be the volume of needless emails that would be sent, not wanting to point fingers, and name names, but I know there was a time when the mailling list, for me personnally seemed to be use by some to rack up easy points. But thats probably to be expected, and possibly not able to be solved. When does the next one start :)
  • I wish I had power to force some of a dev team guys to make a redmine integration out-of-the-box :)
  • I like the status reports of Jirka! Good work!
  • Am seeing university adopting many unworthy IDEs. Please see if you can have universities to work with NetCAT program or the general NetBeans community. Am sure there is a chance of adopting NetBeans for various aspects of software engineering education as well as NetCAT for software testing education. I believe this can be easily started as in forming NetBeans user groups in universities, and maybe then gradually scaled up to accepting practicums/internships.
  • Recognize that NetCAT team members frequently represent the user, and are occasionally frustrated by management decisions that they feel adversely affect "the typical user" or damage the reputation of the brand (vis. remaining quality issues to be fixed sometime in the future). 2. Do you think the concept of NetCAT Tribes is worth repeating? If I have no no basis for comparison, how would I know?
  • It is a wonderful idea that should be done every single version and if possible expanded to other Oracle open source products, as it has already started for Glassfish.

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