Results from NetBeans IDE 7.3 Community Acceptance survey

Suggested features

  • Performance on Linux + JDK 7/8! Seriously. (Even if it is a JDK regression 'other' IDEs manage to feel as fast as expected. And I saw Netbeans beeing lightning fast on the same machine with JDK 6!) Invoking code completion while already having typed a part and moved cursor around often adds too much code or braces, leading to removing part of the just completed code. When I reference a non existing variable/field and later invoke code completion during creation of a field/variable add the name of the referenced not-yet-existing variable to the list of suggestions.
  • 1. More support for GWT, SmartGWT technologies. For example, designer. See gwt4nb plugin. 2. It is possible to integrate into Netbeans also the fxetools? See 3. Embedding the Plugin copy-and-paste-history-for-netbeans should be an improvement
  • Debugger need some reworking.
  • Vaadin Support (enhancement of the Client Side Web development) Gradle Support
  • 1.) More build systems official support - SBT, Gradle, Buildr 2.) Less blocking dialogs and less IO in AWT 3.) Scala support
  • - ADA integration - C# / Mono integration - Freemarker integration (template editor, autocomplete etc.)
  • Generate entities from database needs to be more flexible.
  • #1 UML plugin. It needs an official and strong support from Oracle, seriously. We don't want to wait NetBeans v10 to see the UML plugin comeback :(. In addition, the current possible alternatives are really bad (, etc). #2 UML plugin #3 UML plugin
  • 1. Android Development Support 2. Support
  • 1. There are some bugs in i18n forms that are moved to another package and then undone. Also problems with regeneration of properties files, comment generation and copying i18n components from one form to another. Issues #205987, #212785, #211775, #206117, #211819, #221315, #222568, #148345, #213405. 2. There are some bugs with Undo/Redo causing the package declaration not to refactor properly. Issues #205332, #212567, #212129, #225039, #224780.
  • 1. wxWidget type project. 2. WYSWIG HTML-Smarty editor 3. Coluring HTML attributes in Smarty functions.
  • 1. More flexible launcher (ex. Eclipse and Itellij allow to easily create different launcher-runners, much more flexible than maven actions as in NB) 2. Better favourites. In other IDE I can add virtual folders and assign classes without impact on the system folders. 3. Possibility to group the files to commit. As for the favourites should be possible to group the files to commit in groups (ex. Intellij)
  • DOM editor / viewer for web development Out-of-the-box Jenkins/Hudson integration Mule plugins
  • Export multiple files in the same directory
  • a) More and better hints in java editor. Keep up with IDEA/Eclipse. b) Filterable views/Quickfilter for arbitrary Node based widgets (hierarchical and flat) c) Eclipse-based formatter
  • Speed. Speed. Speed.
  • I have only one 1. Support for PaaS platform like Cloudfoundry, Heroku etc.
  • Scala support Maven hyperlinks like in eclipse Make json validation optional
  • In Java projects, showing different icons in projects view for classes and interfaces (#225049). Allow a choice between composite key generation types when creating entities (#224966). Drag & drop for reordering items in the layer file (#218841).
  • 1. Please do not code hard a new feature without an option to disable it. It is really bad idea to put second char ' or " after I type the first one. And if I try to delete one, both away... There is nothing so easy, as to type the same char twice and user doesn't need any assistance here. 2. In Beta2 7.3 worked Navigator for JavaScript files somehow, in RC 1 not anymore 3. Palette with code snippets defect
  • Better Groovy/Grails support, performance would be nice and follow the current versions better.
  • 1. Performance of the Editor (html, jsp, java) 2. Better support for JRebel 3. HTML5, jQuery, jQuery-Mobile.
  • Even better integration for HTML5: - Better Javascript support - Better LESS+SASS Integration Quicker Git Workflow.
  • Faster groovy parsing and autocompelte. SaSS support HTML5 support in regular java web apps.
  • 1. Fix all bugs, even minor ones, before adding any other feature. 2. MigLayout available in Matisse. 3. Full Scala support (Groovy-like).
  • 1. inbuilt cakephp framework 2. display at least 50 recent projects 3. inbuilt file encoding and readonly option
  • In-place updates, memory usage, performance.
  • These 3 features: 1. It Should have support for Python development. 2. Need of module which can flexibly manage JS framework. 3. Continue with HTML5 support
  • NetBeans maven artifacts moved to the central repository.
  • Android SDK integration HTML 5 WebGL project samples and javascript library support More HTML 5 project examples
  • Java 7 EE features, Java SE Embedded features(Raspberry Pi),Support for NoSQL databases
  • Perhaps some features can be removed from the IDE and converted into plugins to make it more responsive. I am thinking of JPQL parsing. I am using JPQL but the JPQL parsing works only in Java files where the JPQL is in on a single line. I have not figured out how to write readable JPQL on a single line. Even if JPQL parsing worked for me, the benefit is not very high because the time spent on writing it is neglegible compared with other coding e.g. Java, HTML, JavaScript.
  • Please do not add new features. Fix bugs and most important improve performance. This is the most annoying problem.
  • Code block collapsing/expanding should be organized as a tree, not open either just one or all. If the careat is position on a method head, I want to be able to expand successivly deeper levels per Ctrl-+ click. Dark color theme for the whole application, including editor windows
  • Mac Retina support
  • Exporting output window results when using save as option showing error when the output is long.
  • 1. Very important: UML 2 integration (possibility of creating class diagrams and activity diagrams (and not only) from Java classes or manual usage). 2. Python support.
  • 1. html5 editor improvements 2. remote debug 3. performance
  • python support
  • 100% implementation of jquery ;)
  • ERD editor, Zend Framework 2 intergration, Scala support in the main distribution.
  • 1.We now have findbugs integration, i also would like to have pmd integration. 2.Analyzeintegration like intellij, which have a good analyze overview 3. In the "save as" feature, have an option to automagically set final in methodparameters (like eclipse have)
  • 1. nodejs 2. sass/scss and less
  • 1. detected slowness... 2. editing code slow 3. reboot slow
  • Memory consumption, search, faseter parsing
  • Need more information on features of the plugin manager to be highlighted - testing had some undocumented features - but nothing was a show stopper.
  • Better Chromium integration, better PHP debugging (debug-watches option still warns that it makes xdebug unstable), and better syntax checking (importing a wordpress install incorrectly shows Wordpress has errors in several files, for example.)
  • JDK 8 support
  • - CoS on maven modul; when a webapp has a maven jar dependency, and saving a file in the modul, the webapp should reload (will create bug shortly) - updated lifery plugin to work with the latest NetBeans version
  • -) Copy File: I copy the File-Object and can insert this at (Windows) - Explorer ... -) I don´t like the "Redesign of inspect members and hierarchy" I think this was in the previous versions better, because there was more room to show the methods (Now it´s only a small window).
  • Better JavaScript support. Better JavaScript frameworks support. Spring Security support.
  • JBoss AS 7 integration. Safari as a web development plattform (not just chrome). Custom Actions (Not just "Todo").
  • 1; More efficient memory management (at the moment I need to restart Netbeans after one or two days) 2; A decent character encoding detection / conversion per file basis 3; PHP debugger improvement, like supporting conditional breakpoints
  • 1. Enhancement of intellisense feauture for javascript (based on jsdocs) 2. Implement multiple cursors like it's done in Sublime Text 2 (here is a little screencast about this function:
  • at the moment I would like to keep focusing on three things: -performance -performance -performance and of course, keep supporting standard Java features.
  • 1. Better (SoapUI-like) web service test environment 2. Native Scala support 3. Fix GtkLookAndFeel to look and feel like Gtk3 or drop it for Nimbus
  • better Features in Java-Editor
  • AspectJ
  • A really good, modern, dark theme. Quicker start-up. Better terminal support (without Cygwin) to ensure using same PHP from server and from Terminal Window. Integrated WAMP or other AMP server.
  • Much faster project scanning, by dumping the I/O resource and filesystem toxic bloat of vast numbers of meta data files, and instead use a small number of file per project like proper databases do for databases. Allow marking of previous project scans as completely dirty, to force the whole project to be rescanned. Allow any background thread to be killed, not just user started ones.
  • php and javascript projects #219542 php and javascript debug
  • Better control over blank lines in the Java auto formatter A toolbar button to immediately disable / enable all breakpoints at once. Android. :)
  • Maybe a web designer module, like Dreamweaver.
  • I can think of one that is important and pertinent to every release: More elaborate javadoc with embedded examples for NetBeans API. I think it is lacking in many API sections, and wiki tutorials aren't always up to date with actual API. I would rather see more simple examples in javadoc and maintained together with API, and a documentation with less one-liner explanations.
  • 1) Find and replace within a selection 2) Better source formatting options (esp inline php w javascript, html, and css) 3) Maybe better code introspection for php? Auto complete doesn't always seem to work for me
  • Full support for C++11 standard, better support for C/C++ and CMake based projects, support for mingw32-make (now it is possible to work only with MSYS make), better C/C++ debugging support, better C/C++ completion (now it is very hard to work with libraries like boost::spirit).
  • Web editor support. There are some syntax problems with JSP while using JSTL. For example trying to use a fails with the inside of the if not being syntax highlighted and the test being ignored and showing as errors, where this is not.
  • 1. Start up should be faster.
  • JPQL editor, breadcrumbs in code editor, etc.
  • 1. Android development 2. UML
  • well: not a burning issue now -- but jboss will be a AS target for me again soon -- so proper support for that would be great. I'd like a better way to 'port' my projects between branches of my code. Macros -- I've always wanted a more simpler but powerful macro system (or IDE script automation via BSH or some other simple script language) Also -- not a MAVEN person (on this project) I would love to be able to share my projects (but not source -- just config) with co-workers in a fashion that they can just use it with minimal hacking or tweaking. Oh and it would be great if there was a widget that would may a ZIP/TAR of my project so I can share easily. Free form projects for file system browsing ought to have more easy way for adding directories ...
  • I've been using 7.3 since Beta, and it seems quite a bit more responsive and better at releasing memory back to the OS than 7.2 I'd like to see: Backwards compatibility for older plugins (Perhaps leverage OSGi or something to allow Python/Ruby/WSDL plugins to work in newer versions of Netbeans) A concentration on reducing / eliminating the 'memory buildup' that occurs over time in Netbeans (e.g. if I'm working in Netbeans for 2+ hours, there's significantly more memory used than a fresh start) Improvements to the project scanning algorithm. When I rebuild a project over 200+ JAXB objects, it seems to take longer to scan than if I just restarted Netbeans
  • Up-to-date Hibernate support
  • Java FX support (like our lovely mantisse builder) Android support
  • Better organization of "Debugger console" windows Easy mavenization of rcp projects
  • breakpoints dont appear most of the time in editor - i have filed bug(s) and sent screen shots but responder says cannot reproduce - dont you guys work on real code with lots of ram and cpu cores ? i debug every day and its present in 7.1 onward.
  • 1. visual web page designing 2. visual jsf 3. Android development
  • 'Mylyn like' tasks and Redmine support. Timetracking for tasks. Integration of new css/js/html5 features to a php projects. CSS color palette (like in photoshop) and color preview on mouseover.
  • - Integrated HTML5 features with WebApps (including JavaScript debugging) - Visual editor for JSF (now JSF has maturity for visual development. At previous times, when NetBeans had support for visual JSF, JSF wans't ready!) - get GWT back to main stream. This is a killer technology that really benefits enterprise developers.
  • 1/ Perform automatic operations (like code formatting, organize include,...) 2/ Other static tool analysis integration 3/ Navigator with more icon to see the methods public / private / protected
  • Better support for Qt in C++ Better support for schema-editing (like xml-tools) Some graph-view of mercurial history (like tortoisehg does).
  • 1- Ability to switch/convert encodings (UTF-8, ISO 8859) for a specific file. 2- multiple cursors to edit multiple points of file at the same time (ala Sublime Text 2) 3- Use code completion within a single file when it's opened outside of a project.
  • HTML5 Big Data

  • Updated: February 11th, 2013

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