Satisfaction with NetCAT 6.9 program

Total respondents: 25 NetCAT 6.9 participants
Duration: June 9th - June 15th, 2009 (6 days)
1. How did you like NetCAT program in general ?
Perfect idea 22 88 %
Good 3 12 %
Don't know 0 0 %
Useless activity 0 0 %
Very bad 0 0 %
Chart showing overall satisfaction with NetCAT.

2. How were you satisfied with the infrastructure (web, Bugzilla, mailing lists, Wiki, SSO etc.) ?
Very satisfied 4 16 %
Satisfied 13 52 %
Don't know 3 12 %
Discontented 3 12 %
Very discontented 2 8 %
Chart showing satisfaction with infrastructure.

3. How are you satisfied with fixing NetCAT bugs during stabilization phase ?
Very satisfied 7 28 %
Satisfied 15 60 %
Don't know 3 12 %
Discontented 0 0 %
Very discontented 0 0 %
Chart showing satisfaction with bug fixing during NetCAT.

4. Were you satisfied with cooperation with NetBeans Developers and QE ?
Yes 25 100 %
No 0 0 %
I understand there are staffing issues and business priorities but I was expecting a more clean release.
Martin did a tremendous job of improving debugging speed in a short time.
Again missing fix for bugs #122677, #185747
Chart showing satisfaction with cooperation with NetBeans staff.

5. How would you classify the traffic on the [69cat] mailing list ?
Heavy 2 8 %
Medium 19 76 %
Low 4 16 %
Distribution of traffic on NetCAT list (low/medium/high).

6. How do you value work of NetCAT coordinator, Jiri Kovalsky ?
Very satisfied 23 92 %
Satisfied 2 8 %
Don't know 0 0 %
Discontented 0 0 %
Very discontented 0 0 %
Graph of satisfaction with program coordination.

7. Would you be willing to participate in NetCAT program again ?
Yes 25 100 %
No 0 0 %
Graph of willingness to repeat participation in NetCAT.

8. What communication channel does suit your needs better ?
Mailing list 25 100 %
Web forum 0 0 %
On-line chat 1 4 %
Other 2 8 %
Graph of preferred communication channel.

9. Do you have any suggestions for NetCAT program to be more successful ?

  • Communication between NetCAT participants is very poor. There is no team. Everyone is focused on own problem. Team efforts might give better results. Perhaps small informal teams could be formed: web developers, PHP developers, Java developers, etc. Teams could be formed as well to test particular issue. For example, a team focused on "line wrap issues".
  • To start early when some features can still be added
  • Probably starting earlier. I feel there was still more to be done before the branching of 6.9 from daily builds. Some of my issues started in 6.9 and ended up in 7.0 builds.
  • IMHO what could be better is start the program earlier, maybe with first Milestone or something like. It will make possible to us add some additional RFE before feature freeze.
  • 1) Please let the testers know if there's a reason the nightly is not available. 2) We all understand that the infrastructure changes that caused some outages were unavoidable, but it came at a really bad time in the development cycle.
  • Build a module that integrates the communication and reports of the NetCAT effort into the IDE. :) Actually... the listserver and online reports was and still is probably the best way to go.
  • Very satisfied. No additional suggestion right now.
  • A way to allow participants to update the IDE via the update center rather than downloading new builds every day would be very convenient.
  • Reduce downtime of key systems... yes i kown - oracle ;-)
  • -) DailyBuilds were often not available. So I reported a bug, but the bug was fixed since some days. Much better is an second build (I think this was some Versions ago). Then I can check the result of an bug-state earlier.
  • Include a section/space/whateveryoucallit for plugins. We coul debate about the most useful (and used) plugins, and from here, encourage plugin developpers to support the new and (often) uncompatible version.
  • The NetCAT program should also be employed to gauge/QA the selection and design of new features, eariler in the development cycle. In the stabilization phase it's generally too late for new features to change in non-trivial ways. Cf. the editor line-wrapping this time for example, where the RFE was interpreted in a nonsensical way (line wrapping as a global option, not toggleable on-the-fly). Involving the NetCAT participants in an earlier phase could help improve the feature planning and design of a release.
  • More stability in terms of getting a regular daily build. There really shouldn't be issues producing a build at this stage. Make the transition from dailies to RC builds clearer - perhaps a separate download link for the latest build that NetCat participants should be testing. -- The NetCat "home" page could be re-organised this way to make the relevant links for participants clearly outlined. (I find it a little awkward to get to the page with the info I want in terms of netcat rules and info.)
  • Bugs missing fixed from older NetCAT programs should automatically become high priority.

10. Any other comments regarding this initiative ?

  • It's a pity that NetCAT 6.9 was severely affected by poor decision to change the infrastructure on which NetCAT program relies during the program.
  • Is a great learning experience and is just a little we can give back for such an amazing IDE!
  • I would like to thank you for the opportunity and mainly for Jiri Kovalsky management which is always outstanding! The initiative is really fantastic and make possible community test the product really earlier and now with NetFIX we have a new branch to make this project really more successful than ever.
  • I still think NetCAT is the best way to maximize the quality of NetBeans. It also helps participants to improve their own testing skills.
  • Thanks for including me.
  • Thanks for all your hard work team!
  • I think a pre comunity voting for new (or readding) feauters to plan the next realeas would be greate.
  • If possible, scedule all manteniance/whatever is needed to do in infrastucture, not to be done while CAT is taking place.
  • It is unfortunate that infrastructure issues (mailing list, etc.) affected the netcat program this time around. The program in general is great.
  • Infrastructure changes should not occur during NetCAT or so close to a release, they are very disruptive. Features like Word Wrap that are major and only partially functional should be internally testing and mostly functioning before being released to testers. Not sure about other testers but I'm testing while doing paid development - I must have something that mostly works in order to test it. (Admittedly I didn't submit much this time around because I haven been doing things other than writing code)

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