Results from NetBeans 6.5 Community Acceptance survey

Overall Quality comments

  • I don't have a "showstopper" bug here. But the little things that add up to the overall quality are a problem. I just starting trying RC2 the other day. The project properties dialog has some serious sizing issues. The drop down to change the platform takes my entire 1680 pixel screen. I also can't make this dialog smaller, as it keeps resizing itself bigger. It is annoying and it really makes netbeans look half-baked.
  • I haven't had an opportunity to try but AFAIK the remaining critical usability bugs in JAX-RPC support were finally fixed in 6.5. I've stopped using Visual Web so can't comment on that anymore. I'm now using facelets + jsf 1.2 in Maven2 project.
  • I like new multi thread debug feature. It can be improved, I know, but its introduction made all my work easier.
  • Definitely, it looks better and hope to see a close-to-having-no-bugs some day..
  • I would of liked to feel that the quality is improving. But it doesn't feel that way.
  • It seems to work with nimbus - 6.1 didn't render text in some widgets.
  • For my context (Pure Java and Netbeans Platform Development) it is basically the same. I do not use the PHP or other language support.
  • My initial build testing of 6.1 projects did not succeed. Will evaluate further.
  • NB 6.1 was already good on overall quality
  • Please see my response to #4 (performance). These two are tied together for me.
  • I have one recurring bug (see below in comments). I had one other problem that I had also experienced in the Beta. At one point, the my computer slowed dramatically; there was lots of disk usages. At the same time, the heap size withing NetBeans 6.5 started growing dramatically (normally it's about 100/120, but it kept growing rapidly. I finally quit after it got to 380/440.
  • Sorry, but this bug is really unnerving me for quite a while and i was hoping it would go away in Netbeans 6.5. Otherwise the quality is great, but 6.1 was an almost flawless release.
  • Quality is pretty bad overall, just too many null exceptions everywhere. Also the GlasFish v3 service is just to buggy to use.
  • In terms of quality nb6.5 is of course superior than 6.1. Lots of new cool breakthrough features has been injected and applied to the IDE.
  • The new code hinting in JavaScript bring an already familiar and awesome feature set to those of us you code from server back-end to client. THANK YOU!
  • I can't really tell the difference in the ruby development. The new test runner is nicer, but some thought needs to be put into how it fits inside a programming flow. I couldn't use it without reverting to the mouse. That is really annoying.
  • 6.5 absolutely is better than 6.1 in terms of Overall Quality!
  • I have been using 6.1 for development every day since it was released. I have found a steady improvement in both performance and stability in nightly builds since mid-September. I have for the most part switched to 6.5 RC1 for all development since it was released. The stability and performance is better than for 6.1.
  • Better Ruby and Rails support, but still lack of HAML support. Unfortunately still lack of GIT support.
  • See also Why Is The Debugger So Incredibly Slow?
  • NPEs have been a real problem in NetBeans 6.5 and many of the supported plug-ins. FindBugs, design patterns that eliminate the changes of NPEs, more diligent null-pointer checks and test cases should emphasized during future development.
  • Some same bugs.
  • 6.1 is light years behind in this department. Look like 2 different products.
  • Not really a showstopper, but it is confusing to see two identical icons that do different things when you click them.
  • I have noticed some improvements on the JPA entity generation functionality. The new ability to add attributes to recreate the tables is very nice. I also like the fact that JSF applications generated from JPA entities now are more visually appealing than before.
  • I mainly use Netbeans for cnd, and the project appears to have improved greatly since 6.1
  • I like the SQL editor now. Spring support is a little slow but very usable. Maven support got better.
  • The issue I have mentioned is not really a showstopper in itself, but I'm still getting too many random exceptions while editing java files
  • maven,matisse have good improvments. It's mostly what i use.
  • handy compile and save; fewer display bugs on linux
  • The overall quality of the new release is excellent, the great number of new features and enhancements is brilliant.
  • 6.5 rc1 seems to be very stable and faster than 6.1.
  • Both are Quite Stable
  • I can't say on any quantitative level that yes it is better overall, but it feels better, and I'm looking forward to dig into the java (and scala) features in 6.5
  • The core features are better, but new features introduce some new defects. 6.5.1 coming out soon?
  • For me as java developer it's an minor release change. It could be named 6.2
  • Both contain small bugs, but I'm used to it. I don't consider NB a particularly stable program, I think you should consider longer release cycles.
  • Their may be bugs in 6.5 but as time goes by these bugs will be fixed and will gain more value to its quality.
  • For me, 6.1 quality was quite bad (including one showstopper bug). I'm pleased to see that the quality of 6.5 is much better.

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