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PHP comments

  • Editor Hyperlinks issues seems to be completely resolved..
  • I do PHP development, but haven't done any since working on NB 6.5 as I have been busy with other things.
  • I use Netbeans mainly for Java Desktop Development
  • can it do profiling like zend studio
  • In general very good work. Constants are not recognised.In some cases inherited methods also are not recognised correctly. Also debugger need little more work.
  • Try to work with project like "Magento" ( php feature will crash. so, we can work perfectly with small projects, but can't work with large one
  • PHP Version 5.2.6 MySQL 5.0.67 via TCP/IP Apache 2.2.9 WXP SP3 work fine
  • I don't programming in PHP
  • php sucks
  • Love, love, LOVE the PHP support. I haven't used it on any large projects yet, but it is a whole new world developing in PHP with all of the code completion. Everything I've wanted it to do so far it has done it well, and it is fast with the code completion (I had a release this summer that was slow).

  • Updated: $Date: 2009/10/29 16:51:07 $ GMT

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