Results from NetBeans 6.5 Community Acceptance survey

Performance comments

  • I used only Dev versions for my work
  • I am satisfied as per my current system's configuration.
  • It still slows down after a few hours of use, particularly if you are doing lots of project configuration changes.
  • The default task list generation is a bad idea. By setting it to current file only, I make it work for me. WHY ?
  • It seems that both release basically the same in context of performance. But because when I am using RC1, I also using the new JDK 6u10, it feel (not scientific, just feeling only) faster, but I suspect it is more on the Java 6u10 upgrade rather than Netbeans itself
  • I don't see significant improvements on speed.
  • I think it is better, but I think more focus could have been given to make the things we had better; it is better but not by leaps and bounds, though I think the Java editor is specifically much faster. So, I strongly believe that 7.0 needs to focus on making things which are available better through feature enhancements and bug fixes and not add a bunch of new features, though I think the planned NB RCP project enhancements are a feature enhancement as they are making that feature better. Death by a thousand needles won't be good...ouch.
  • I mostly use the Mobile development module & previously it was VERY slow in regenerating code when toggling between Flow/Screen & Source. This is now dramatically improved.
  • 6.5 is faster and more stable.
  • Compile on Save along with applying the code changes to the running app has drastically reduced time to go through the edit-compile-debug cycle.
  • The speed editor, nb 6.5 much faster than 6.1. base on my experience on j2ee. And so with overall IDE speed its very noticeable that 6.5 doing great.
  • Faster startup on my system, smaller mem footprint and less waiting for code completion popup
  • They are both pretty intense on my work system. The office 2GB and an AMD Dual Core Vista 32 just can't hack it compared to a more powerful home system (8GB Intel Quad Core Vista 64)... but I can see a difference in improvement in 6.5.
  • NetBeans still feels noticably slower than Eclipse. This is the main complaint I hear among my collegues when they try NetBeans. I feel that especially the UI / Editor performance needs to be improved.
  • It seems to use more memory than 6.1 does.
  • However, still has frequent and major highlight / syntax check synchronization issues between auto-format and save (C/C++)
  • It is much faster than 6.1 .I am impressed.
  • As you may have noticed from my various (loud) complaints, I have often found NetBeans performance (due to various forms of "background" processing and, it appears, a few bugs, to be terrible. If I didn't inherently "like" NetBeans (in particular the NetBeans Platform) enough to stick around, performance issues would have led me to dump NetBeans for MyEclipseIDE by now. I can only hope that the NetBeans developers succeed in eliminating such serious performance issues.
  • NetBeans 6.5 has better performance than 6.1. However, memory consumption is still high, especially over longer periods of time (such as running NetBeans for several days without restarting). This applies to C++ development, don't know about memory consumption for other languages.
  • Better startup time.
  • 6.5 rc1 has faster reaction, memory consumption is greatly lower, start up just a lil' faster but OK.
  • Much better. It's responsive enough now that I prefer it over eclipse
  • NB 6.5 still takes some time to initialize right after it is launched.
  • For the most part netbeans 6.5 to me feels more responsive and loads faster 6.1. I also love the semantic analysis that cnd now performs on C code during code editing. However, I am forced to work with very large files that take a long time to parse, and it would therefore be nice but not necessary if there were an option in the future to provide a longer delay before the IDE begins to reparse a file/project due to editing. Right now I simply edit exceptionally large C files in gvim.
  • looks like the compile time for netbeans RCP application is much better.
  • No Kidding here.
  • speedier start up
  • Startup and source parsing time seem to be improved.
  • The majority of the time the performance is much better, in particular start-up time is dramatically improved. However on a couple of occasions during debugging I have seen the CPU usage go very heigh I would like to see this addressed soon.
  • I thought version 6.5 slightly slower to run application servers, but the overall productivity of 6.5 marginally higher
  • 6.5 does load faster and there are less pregnant pauses, although 6.1 is very good too.
  • I find that netbeans 6.5 take considerably lesser time in startup and overall the UI is most of the time slightly more repsponsive.
  • Feels faster than 6.1, snappier and quicker to respond.
  • Some feature additions, but the core basically seems the same.
  • Performance is better. Hopefully the first patch and 7.0 release will improve performance when performing go to file.
  • 6.5 UI is much more faster than 6.1. The debugger is faster and the plugin center is fast enough
  • The project loading of the 6.5 is far more better than 6.1
  • - I have noticed dramatic performance improvements in numerous areas (editor, projects treeview, find usages, to name a few). - Also, the app is a lot more responsive, even when it is performing some time-consuming task.
  • Startup time seems worse for 6.5, but I do not have a specific issue number to reference (qualitative, not quantitative).

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