Participants of NetCAT 6.5 program

   People listed on this page volunteered to take part in the NetCAT program. Every person has chosen focus of his/her testing contribution. We are very proud of these users as they openly expressed their attitude towards NetBeans and open source development in general. Thank you all for your great help!

ID Name Surname Country/
Operating system Focus NetCAT points/
1AaronHagopianUSAFedora 8j2ee, frameworks34/0.4
2AdamMyattUSAWindows XP/2000db, frameworks29/0.35
3AdamSandorSlovakiaWindows XPeditor, db97/1.15
4AlexFlorentinoBrazilWindows XPj2ee, frameworks44/0.38
5AllanDavisUSALinuxlife cycle tools, api80/0.69
6Allan LykkeChristensenDenmarkWIndows XPj2ee, frameworks155/1.34
7Allen MontejoMontejoPhilippinesWindowsj2ee, ajax and js560/4.83
8AnuradhaGunasekaraSri LankaWindows XPeditor, api300/2.59
9BryanBooneUSALinux, Mac OS X, Windowseditor, frameworks465/4.01
10CezariuszMarekPolandWindows XPeditor, j2ee60/0.52
11DanielSheppardUKKubuntuajax and js, frameworks266/2.29
12DarrylDavisUSAWindowsajax and js, db20/0.17
13DavidCorsautUSAWindows Vistaj2ee, db8/0.1
14DavidFreelsUSAWindows XPj2ee, ajax and js219/1.89
15DavidThompsonUSAWindows XPj2ee, db112/1.06
16DimitarMisevMacedoniaUbuntueditor, uml12/0.15
17DonKittleCanadaWindows XP/Vistaj2ee, frameworks52/0.45
18EkremSerenTurkeyGNU/Linuxeditor, life cycle tools108/0.93
19EricSmithUSAUbuntulife cycle tools, j2me710/6.12
20Francisco GómezCarrascoSpainUbuntueditor, life cycle tools84/0.72
21GlennHolmerUSAUbuntulife cycle tools, j2ee181/1.56
22GoranEhrssonSwedenWindows XPj2ee, groovy168/1.45
23HaksunKimSouth KoreaWindows XPeditor, life cycle tools112/0.97
24IwanEisingNetherlandsWindows Vistaj2ee, j2me281/2.42
25JacekLaskowskiPolandWindows XPj2ee, frameworks263/2.27
26JoshuaJuneauUSAMac OS Xj2ee, groovy338/2.91
27KristianRinkGermanyUbuntuj2ee, db179/1.81
28ĽubomírLackoSlovakiaWindows XPj2ee, api28/0.33
29LuisMineiroPortugalUbuntueditor, life cycle tools10/0.12
30MarcelHeijmansNetherlandsKubuntuj2ee, j2me83/0.72
31MarkDavidsonUKWindows XPphp, editor94/0.81
32MarkLambertUSAWindows XPeditor, api118/1.02
33MarkusSvenssonSwedenWindows XP, Ubuntueditor, j2me96/0.83
34Michael SantosNascimentoBrazilWindowslife cycle tools, db153/1.32
35MichelGracianoBrazilUbuntulife cycle tools, db455/3.92
36MuhammadMekkawyEgyptUbuntulife cycle tools, j2ee63/0.75
37PeterBelbinUSAWindows 2008 Serverlife cycle tools, j2ee169/1.46
38PieroSartiniGermanyLinux, OpenSolarislife cycle tools, j2ee103/0.95
39RajivPereraSri LankaWindows XPeditor, api1500/13.39
40RaviYadavGermanyMac OS Xj2ee, uml0/0
41RezaAziziPersiaUbuntudb, groovy160/1.38
42RobRatcliffUSALinux, Windowsj2ee, db174/1.5
43RobertFenneyUSALinuxj2ee, ajax and js10/0.12
44RohitRaiIndiaWindows Vistaeditor, ajax and js65/0.77
45SaeedZarinfamIranWindows XPeditor, j2ee19/0.23
46SaptarshiPurkayasthaIndiaWindows Vistaj2ee, j2me1519/13.09
47SergiVelezSpainWindows XPlife cycle tools, j2me57/0.49
48SheriLillyUSAWindows Vistalife cycle tools, db62/0.53
49SlawekGarwolPolandWindows XPeditor, j2ee0/0
50TetsuSohChinaWindows XP/Vistaeditor, j2me54/0.47
51TomaszBartczakPolandWindows, Ubuntuj2ee, uml8/0.1
52TommiLaukkanenFinlandWindows XPeditor, j2me52/0.45
53UlfZibisGermanyWindows XPeditor, db464/4
54VanoBeridzeGeorgiaWindows XP php, editor79/0.68
55VarunNischalIndiaWindows XPphp, documentation253/2.18
56VincentCantinTaiwanWindows XP, Ubuntueditor, j2ee110/0.95
57WilliamBeebeUSAWindows XP, Fedora 8, Ubuntueditor, uml28/0.24
58YudiSetiawanIndonesiaWindowsphp, frameworks114/0.98
59ZeljkoTrogrlicCroatiaWindows XPeditor, groovy58/0.5
60   Windows Vistaajax and js, frameworks12/0.14

Most helpful NetCAT 6.5 member category

  Place  ParticipantTotal NetCAT points collected
1.Saptarshi Purkayastha  1519
2.Rajiv Perera1500
3.Eric Smith710

Most agile NetCAT 6.5 member category

  Place  ParticipantDays of service  Average NetCAT points per day of service
1.Rajiv Perera112  13.39
2.Saptarshi Purkayastha  116  13.09
3.Eric Smith116  6.12

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