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Compile/Deploy on Save comments

  • I use Maven2 projects so this feature doesn't seem to be available. From what I've read in the NetBeans Dream Team mailing list, it has very serious performance problems when there are many projects or large projects and it should not be released the way it is.
  • I'd like to see #150667 resolved
  • I don't have big projects, so for me "Compile on Save" is cool thing to have..
  • It could do with more explanation of where and when it can be used.
  • It's not available on Maven projects
  • I really don't like this kind of feature, even on Eclipse I turn it off. It is a really buggy feature in any IDE I tested it... even in NetBeans. For me this is a totally unnecessary feature.
  • I am using default install of NB 6.5 rc1 on Ubuntu Linux 8.0.4. But I could not find a option whether the compile on save is enabled/disabled. So I don't whether it is enabled or disabled. So far everything is running smooth, no problem found.
  • Should be disabled by default
  • Works great, however due to project size I mainly use manual build.
  • I say this because basically I turn it off. For instance, you should be able to do a build with COS turned on and not just a clean and build...very silly. What if I have some changes outside the IDE? Well, I don't want a clean and build, but rather a build...much faster. There are other issues involved which I have mentioned in other places which haven't been addressed and I don't feel like adding more here.
  • I'll give this a try.
  • It has proven not to work in the projects I currently work on.
  • There were issue during testing that required me to delete the NB cache.. but that may not be an issue for people upgrading from the 6.1 release to the 6.5 release.
  • Yes this feature is must included as is on nb 6.5, it helps to boast on web development.
  • This feature streamlines the coding / testing process a lot.
  • CoS is currently only useful for straight "javac-only" projects, but real-life enterprise-level projects usually have a more complex build process. As a result we don't have much use for current CoS. Will elaborate further later on.
  • Frustrating
  • I have only been developing groovy/grails so I have no experience with it. But I do think it's a bad idea. I want to control deployment myself!
  • 'build' should always be available as a functioning project option. users should have the ability to separate the 'compile' from 'deploy' so that users can say when they're done with changes and do deploy once rather than every time a single file is saved.
  • Really smart and useful.
  • I am currently working on NetBeans Platform (GUI) app. I also work on J2EE / WS / EJB projects; for that work I turned off this feature, as (I recall) it made the workflow process slow to a crawl due to background processing and redeployments when I didn't require same. It just wasn't usable.
  • could be faster
  • I turned it all off since it was so unreliable and was slowing down development rather than speeding it up. Any feature that slows the developer (like automatic indexing) should have an option to be turned off.
  • Looks great! however, I have no plan to use it. Because I want to handle everytime I compile my source.
  • COS doesn't work when editing a file outside the ide (for big edits I use vim). So I had to disable it. I hope this gets fixed (but I don't hold my breath)
  • this feature cause tremendous problem. now I'ma working on quite large web project build by maven. when I'm changing anything in java code the whole IDE freezes. Now I'm working on a quite good machine. Now I don't know what can I do with this feature. Please provide some possibility to turn it off.
  • Is even faster than in Beta. Plus is easier to use!
  • The bug is already fixed in main-golden, but the feature is unusable for me and many others if the resolution is not included in the FCS.
  • We use maven with multi-project builds. Not really sure how this would work with such a complex Maven deployment. Multi-war, multi-project, war compilation with Maven is the most important thing to us towards Netbeans 6.5.
  • I noticed the feature in one of the nightly builds. I do most of my work from my laptop, which obviously does not have a very big display. Because of this, I minimize most of the NB windows to have more screen real estate for my code editor. When the feature was first introduced, the output window would "unminimize" every time I saved a file and the application was autodeployed, disrupting workflow. I just tested the feature on RC1, and noticed the output window now stays minimized. I'm very happy that this is the case, the feature is awesome.
  • An enduring bug with autocompletion. I have some 25 projects open. If I clean and build one used by another, I lose the autocomplete functionality and I have to reboot netbeans to get it back. Its been there a long time, drives me *bonkers* because everything else is great, esp in 6.5.
  • I prefer to decide when to compile my project
  • The GUI Hangs (irregularly) when compile on save is enabled. I prefer to use the previous methods.
  • I use Maven projects nearly always
  • This is one feature that I was excited to see come in but have actually disliked the way it works. Have stopped using it totally.
  • I've only used 6.5 with the PHP and javascript stuff
  • I still don't see the need for this feature. It doesn't work in a predictable manner for me.
  • Great for working with front end content, but still some issues while tabbing through editor and working on Java source.
  • I do not want compile or deploy on save enabled at all. I think that implementing this feature is a use killer. It needs to be disabled for all projects by default. To me this is one of the main reason i quit using eclipse. On larger projects this becomes a big pain. We use a weblogic 9.2 at the office and because of errors in weblogics autodeployment system. We have to do manual deployments so deployment on save will be a nightmare.
  • this feature has proven to be very annoying at times and needs another release to work out.
  • I've problems with 1.4 source. But I drop in the next weeks the support for JDK 1.4.x
  • Note, that I don't use the DoS feature only Cos.
  • Lack of maven2 support does make this pretty much unusable to me.
  • I don't like the feature, there seem to be some issues with debugging. Please add an option to make the default setting "do not build automatically"
  • This is a good feature because it saves the development time to compile the application again and again
  • we use a free form project

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