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Ajax & JavaScript comments

  • I rarely used them, so can't say much on that.
  • I ran into some strange naming issues with JS libraries, and the screens to setup a new JS library force a .zip when it allows you to select a folder and has text which makes you think you can select a folder. If you do select a folder it just crashes out mentioning something about the .zip
  • I have not use it jet, but I will start using it soon.
  • JavaScript is focused on running in a Web Browser. I want to use Java Scripting APIs to use JavaScript in my desktop application.. but the editor is awkward because it thinks I'm going to run the script in a browser. It complains about browser support for certain functions, etc.
  • netbeans javascript debugger is doing great! both on IE and Firefox
  • I use Netbeans mainly for Java Desktop Development
  • First time parsing of e.g. Dojo or other heavy js libraries can be heavy on the first parse.
  • I am not using Ajax/JS a lot so it fits my needs.
  • Support in editor/cc for optional arguments (via arguments array) in javascript function would be desireable.
  • Love the JavaScript completion, something I always used to miss when working with JavaScript. I love the fact that popular libraries like jQuery and Dojo are available straight from the IDE.
  • This is one of the most used features by me. Excelent quality and much improved.
  • I still have problems running the debugger sometimes. Will like to see improvement in terms of refactoring and code completion.
  • Again the code completion, especially when working with various javascript libs is sooo nice. I haven't tried the debugger in Firefox yet (I get what I need done with Firebug), but with just the code completion, library integration and divining structure you guys have really hit a sweet spot.
  • GWT support is gone
  • I think the Ajax and Javascript support is working fine, but it would be nice to have it available for Enterprise applications as well.

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