Results from NetCAT 6.0 Community Acceptance survey

Improved Editor comments

  • Some changes are hard to get used to
  • To me, the performance is still lacking to the point where it is almost a show stopper. Copy/Paste is also not there yet. When you paste text it should AUTOMATICALLY space according to the text above/below it...not require key strokes to align properly. Eclipse does this well.
  • I think the error-badges are still a problem. One of my friends who is not in NetCAT but uses the RC1 finds this very annoying. I would say that there needs to be an obvious statement somewhere that this might occure and will be fixed in the next release.
  • Generally, the Editor works great and new features are rocking!! But #115796 is a showstopper for me, as its a clear in-the-face bug when JSP editing.
  • Javadoc editing (code completion) still not as good as competition. Class movement (refactoring) deleted the content of the file.
  • Mainly the new JSP scriptlet editor has weird bugs like #122200 and #122214
  • I've noticed a couple of small bugs in auto-completion where wrong code is inserted and the badges on the folders don't update correctly sometimes.
  • Sometimes I find the editor a little unresponsive, especially with the autocomplete feature.
  • Code completion is still way too slow.
  • A minor enhancement I would like is the ability to automatically place a semicolon at the end of a line, regardless of where the cursor/caret is when the user hits the semicolon key (note: this seems to work sometimes).
  • I hope the completion be faster as the eclipse code completion
  • Performance is still a major issue - I need immediate response while I type!
  • Although it's not a very serious issue, regressions like this should be taken care of before a new major release.
  • Slow for some types of files (JSF for example) and comsume 100% of ONE cpu (my pc is multicore, but, apparently, it does not use.
  • Fonts and Colors is still very buggy. Changes don't always show up until restart and imported settings from 5.5 makes things much much worse.
  • I still get NPEs when performing various types of refactoring. I also am still getting NPEs due to #121954. Further, I still get NPE scanning errors when moving between various source files.
  • Code completion doesn't work when using the following code: ${not empty pageContext.<---- code complete won't pop up. Remove the "not empty" part and it works fine.
  • There are almost 550 bugs remaining which means you eventually will come to some of these bugs, but most of them can be dealt with.
  • - sometimes a bit slow - sometimes wrong (or better not well-fitting) proposal for code completion
  • I is also a bit slower, but the improvements far outweigh the performance issues
  • I would like to see this one reevaluated before the next release. I do a lot of editing JSPs in a freeform project I support.
  • It could always be faster. I type fast, code-completion should move at the speed that I type - like eclipse.
  • Very slow
  • Common shortcuts don't work (Ctrl - R) for renaming, for example, or Go To Super (Ctrl-Shift-P) for another example. Other common tasks, like Surround with, to which I'd like to assign a shortcut aren't available (or at least I can't find them in the list)
  • Code completion is still badly broken.
  • I don't like the light bulbs.They are too small to click
  • Actually, I think the IDE is not yet ready for release, but I don't know the bug numbers.
  • The properties and methods in the projects tabs for classes have disapeared after a week of using RC1.
  • Implement 'mark column block' #32942 Implement 'mark-for-replace' feature #2337
  • The only problem that comes to mind is #117874 regarding JSP code completion foreground text color on dark selection background. Nearly perfect!
  • Since the autocomment tool has been removed, better javadoc support needs to be made a priority.
  • Some issues that affect me the most: #85978, #119107, #122328
  • Remains details with the caret row and the move of the cursor.

  • Updated: $Date: 2009/11/02 14:13:06 $ GMT

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