Participants of NetCAT 6.0 program

   People listed on this page volunteered to take part in the NetCAT program. Every person has chosen focus of his/her testing contribution. We are very proud of these users as they openly expressed their attitude towards NetBeans and open source development in general. Thank you all for your great help!

ID Surname Name Country/
Operating system Focus NetCAT points/
1AziziRezaPersiaUbuntu Linuxuml, cnd130/1.44
2BelbinPeterUSAWindows / Solarisweb services, soa105/1.17
3BeridzeVanoGeorgiaSolaris XDE 9/07editor, j2ee161/1.79
4BoerkelThomasGermanyWindows Vistacore, editor254/2.82
5BooneBryan E.USALinux / Mac OS Xcore, editor233/2.59
6ChandlerWadeUSAOpenSuse 10.2editor, life cycle tools129/1.43
7ColdrickDavidAustraliaMac OS Xj2ee, j2me6/0.07
8CusterStroudUSAKubuntu Linuxeditor, life cycle tools118/1.31
9MerlinPauFranceLinuxeditor, soa22/0.41
10GrimGunnarSwedenSuSE 9.3editor, j2ee110/2.04
11EisingIwanNetherlandsWindows XPj2me, web services147/1.63
12SmithDarrinUSAWindows XPcore, editor95/1.06
13Gómez CarrascoFranciscoSpainDebian 4.0, Ubuntu 7.04core, cnd104/1.16
14KhanMortoza AliBangladeshWindows 2003core, editor22/0.24
15HagopianAaronUSAFedora Core 7editor, j2ee81/0.9
16EhrssonGoranSwedenWindows XPj2ee, scripting53/0.98
17AldianAldian FazrihadyIndonesiaWindows XPcore, cnd0/0
18HolmerGlennUSAOpenSuse 10.2editor, visual web180/2
19HoneinRachadBrazilWindows XPj2ee, visual web139/1.54
20FosterJayUSAWindows XPeditor, uml52/0.96
21CantinVincentTaiwanWindows XP / Mac OS Xcore, editor81/0.9
22LaskowskiJacekPolandWindows XPj2ee, web services513/5.7
23LaukkanenTommiFinlandWindows Vistaj2me, scripting44/0.49
24Lopez LopezLuis RamonSpainWindows XPcore, j2me61/0.68
25LorimorErikUSAMac OS X 10.4 / 10.5core, j2ee70/0.78
26MarekCezariuszPolandWindows XPeditor, j2ee37/0.41
27MayerBradleyUSAUbuntu Linux 7.03 / Windows XPvisual web, soa9/0.1
28StojanovicNikolaUSAWindows XPweb services, soa7/0.13
29GunasekaraAnuradhaSri LankaWindows XPlife cycle tools, soa216/4.15
30KrollMichaelGermanyWindows XP / Linuxj2ee, visual web22/0.24
31ThompsonDavidUSAWindows XP Provisual web, life cycle tools102/1.89
32MireroMartinKenyaSUSE 10j2ee, uml23/0.26
33UpsavsBenUSAWindows Vistacore, j2ee12/0.22
34MalomoOluwafemiNigeriaWindows XPcore, life cycle tools8/0.15
35NavarseteViggoNorwayUbuntu Linuxj2ee, visual web61/0.68
36OrbidansMarisLatviaWindows XPj2ee, web services134/2.48
37MarellaSreekanthIndiaWindowscore, soa0/0
38PurkayasthaSaptarshiIndiaWindows Vistaj2me, visual web72/0.8
39RatcliffRobUSAWindows XPcore, editor101/1.12
40MolinaLuisSpainWindowsj2me, visual web31/0.57
41RisnerTravisUSAMac OS Xcore, documentation76/0.84
42KimWonilKoreaWindows XPj2me, documentation0/0
43RosatiClaudioItalyMacOS X 10.4.10core, editor155/1.72
44Semb WeverMickNorwayLinux 2.6.22core, editor67/0.74
45SheppardDanielUKWindows XP / Kubuntu x64j2ee, scripting326/3.62
46SartiniPieroGermanyGNU/Linux 2.6 (kubuntu 7.04)editor, j2ee74/1.37
47SmithJoshuaUSAMac OS X / Windows XPcore, editor138/1.53
48SohTetsuJapanWindows XPeditor, j2me317/3.52
49StenzhornHolgerGermanyWindows XPeditor, scripting210/2.33
50StyszynskiStanleyPolandWindows XP / OpenSuSE 10core, scripting46/0.51
51RanasingheNuwanSri LankaWindowscore, j2ee0/0
52ChristensenAllan LykkeDenmarkWindows XPj2ee, uml60/1.11
53SvenssonMarkusSwedenMac OS X / Windows XP / Linuxj2ee, j2me74/0.82
54PageRobertCanadaWindows XPdocumentation, core51/0.96
55TibbsRichardUSAWindows XPweb services, soa100/1.11
56UhligMoritzGermanyMac OS X 10.4editor, life cycle tools57/0.63
57ZibisUlfGermanyWindows XPeditor, cnd112/1.24
58SalterDavidUKWindowsj2ee, soa122/2.26
59VillarrealAristidesPanamaWindows XPj2ee, visual web12/0.13
60PereraChatura DilanSri LankaWindows XPvisual web, uml0/0

Most helpful NetCAT 6.0 member category

  Place  ParticipantTotal NetCAT points collected
1.Jacek Laskowski513
2.Daniel Sheppard  326
3.Tetsu Soh317

Most agile NetCAT 6.0 member category

  Place  ParticipantNetCAT points per day of service
1.Jacek Laskowski5.7
2.Anuradha Gunasekara  4.15
3.Daniel Sheppard3.62

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