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NetBeans 5.5

Overall statusOpen issues

Bug List
Web Services Support001001
Persistence Support006107
EJB 2.1 Support000000
EJB 3.0 Support002002
HTML Editor001001
JSP Editor003003
XML Editor000000
WS and EJB Persistence Editor001001
DB Support011002
HTTP Monitor000000
Tomcat 5 Integration000000
Sun AppServer 9 Integration002002
JBoss 4 Integration000000
Web Application Project000000
EJB Module Project000000
Enterprise Application Project000000
Enterprise Application Client Project000000
Sample Projects001001
JSF Framework Support003003
Struts Framework Support000000
Subversion Support001001

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QA was started in November 2009, is owned by Jiří Kovalský, and has 97 members.
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