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The most active participants

1.[120] Michael Nascimento 436
2.[131] Holger Stenzhorn 322
3.[16] Bryan E. Boone 256

Hot threads

No.SubjectPosted by
1. [50cat][news] NetCAT program is over [---] Jiri Kovalsky
2. [50cat][other] Results from satisfaction survey [---] Jiri Kovalsky
3. [50cat][other] Netbeans marketing goes active [63] Masoud Kalali

Number of posts:

Total: 4472

Number of reported bugs:

Total: 1008

Favourite bugs

#43547 [50cat] Debugger view does not maintain last selected view5
#64797 [50cat] [j2ee] Tomcat's port already in use forces restarting the IDE4
#65954 [50cat] "Prune by empty directories" should be used by default by Update command3

Favourite enhancements

#66138 [50cat] No way to see tags22
#69439 [50cat] Include User Tasks in the standard distro 21
#65584 [50cat] REGRESSION: No way to check which files have been updated15

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QA was started in November 2009, is owned by Jiří Kovalský, and has 97 members.
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