Results from NetCAT 4.0 Customer Acceptance survey


What did you think of the installation process, from running the installer to the first start of the IDE ?
30 81 % A. I had no problems with the installation process.
4 11 % B. I was able to install NetBeans 4.0, but I have the following comments about the installer:
0 0 % C. I was not able to install NetBeans 4.0 because of the following problems:
3 8 % D. I did not use an installer.
Console flag on SuSE Linux did not work.
Not that it matters but it only detected the JRE I was running the installer with, would be nice to detect all JVMs on my machine although on Linux I bet that's a lot harder.
New installer for OS X is much better.
When I started the installer a window poped up very shortly. I thought I'd failed, tried starting it again and ended up having 2 instaces of the installer open :) Otherwhise it was very fast and worked good.


Do you feel that NetBeans 4.0 RC 1 build is ready for release ?
14 38 % A. Yes, it is in excellent shape.
20 54 % B. Yes. The minor issues that remain can wait until the next release.
2 5 % C. Yes, but the final release needs to address the major issues in the following list of bug IDs:
1 3 % D. No, the following critical bugs need to be fixed before release (max 3):
IDs for C. IDs for D.
#46599 #50101
#51086 ---
#51775 ---
#51859 ---
#51877 ---


Do you think the RC performance is acceptable for release ?
7 19 % A. Yes, it is much faster than the previous release.
23 62 % B. Yes, the performance is satisfactory.
7 19 % C. Yes, but the next release should improve performance in the following areas:
0 0 % D. No, there are severe performance problems. Here is the list of bug IDs (max 3):
IDs for D. Comments
--- Startup, Classpath scanning
--- JPDA debugger
--- Initial classpath scanning
--- At times I have run out of 'permanent generation' memory
--- GUI responsiveness - it is very slow to come up after it has been minimized for long periods
--- Scanning jar at beginning
--- Classpath scanning

New Projects System

Is the basic NetBeans 4.0 project system concept easier to deal with than NetBeans 3.6 filesystem mounting ?
21 57 % A. Yes, it was worth it to migrate.
13 35 % B. Yes, the concept is OK, but I have had some difficulties with migration. It is OK now.
1 3 % C. Yes, the concept is OK, but I have to deal with serious issues. Here is the list of bug IDs:
2 5 % D. No, I do not understand NetBeans 4.0 concept at all.
IDs for C.

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