Participants of NetCAT 4.0 program

   People listed on this page volunteered to take part in the NetCAT program. Every person has chosen focus and level of his/her testing contribution. We are very proud of these users as they openly expressed their attitude towards NetBeans IDE and open source development in general. Thank you all for your great help !

ID Name Country Operating system Assigned feature/area/platform CAT points (*)
1 Aaron Hagopian USA Mandrake 10 WebApps support, Struts, VCS 59
2 Bryan E. Boone USA Mac OS X, Windows XP ANT project system, Rich client, Performance 182
3 Chris Kutler USA Windows 2000 WebApps, Refactoring 44
4 Chris Nielsen USA RedHat Linux, Windows 2000 CVS support 5
5 Chris Simons United Kingdom Windows 2000 Refactoring, JDK 1.5 support 15
6 Christian Marschalek Austria SUSE 9.1, Windows XP Mobility support, Stability, VCS 24
7 Christoph Linke Germany Windows XP Perforce support 0
8 Chung Onn Cheong Singapore Mac OS X Refactoring, UI, Projects, Debugger, JUnit, SubVersion 26
9 Clark Richey USA Windows XP WebApps, Refactoring, JDK 1.5 support 56
10 Claudio Rosati Italy Mac OS X, Windows XP RAD Tool, Editor, JavaBeans, CVS, Desktop apps 29
11 Curtis Clauson USA Mac OS X, Windows 2000, Solaris 9 Memory footprint and GC, Projects, Docs, VCS, Build process, Coder UI, Real world apps 59
12 Daniel Sheppard United Kingdom SUSE 9.1, Windows XP JUnit, Refactoring, CVS 111
13 Danno Ferrin USA Windows XP ANT, Form editor, Suggestions, I18N support, Perforce 50
14 David Coldrick Australia JDS 2, Windows XP J2EE, EJB, WebServices 70
15 Denis Pasek Germany Windows 2000 WebApps support, CVS, XML 54
16 Dmitry Ossipov Portugal Windows XP Java Games development 8
17 Donald Eric Olander USA Windows 2000 Project manager, Refactoring 55
18 Eric Hartmann France Mandrake 10 ANT project system, Refactoring 32
19 George Solomon Canada Solaris 9 Mobility support 24
20 Glenn Holmer USA SUSE 9.1 ANT project system, Refactoring, Debugger 80
21 Gunnar Grim Sweden Windows XP Freeform project type 114
22 Jacek Wilczynski Poland Windows XP WebApps/Mobility support, XML, HTML 5
23 James Black USA Solaris 8, Windows XP JUnit, Refactoring, JDK 1.5 support 38
24 James R. Cobb USA RedHat 9.0, Windows XP Mobility support 32
25 Jamie Lawrence United Kingdom Windows XP ANT project system, JUnit, Profiler, OpenIDE support 68
26 Jan Jirout Czech Republic SUSE 9.0 WebApps support 15
27 Jason Donmoyer USA Debian Linux, Windows XP Webapps support, Struts, Refactoring, SubVersion/StarTeam 224
28 Jens Voigt Germany Windows XP Refactoring, Debugger 29
29 Joel Becerra Mexiko Fedora Core 2 WebApps support, J2EE 0
30 Johan C. Stover Netherlands Slackware 9.1 WebApps support, CVS, Swing, DB 34
31 Kevin Lloyd United Kingdom Windows XP ANT project system, Refactoring, WebApps support, Tomcat, Profiler 39
32 Leon Chiver Germany SUSE 8.2, Gentoo 2004.2 ANT project system, Java MDR, Refactoring, WebApps 70
33 Lluis Turro Spain Mandrake 10, Windows XP WebApps support, EJB 211
34 Markus Svensson Sweden SUSE 9.1 Mobility support 61
35 Matteo Anelli Italy Windows XP ANT project system, Java Games development (2D and OpenGL) 46
36 Mike Schwartz USA Windows XP J2ME/MIDP, Mobility support 0
37 Neil Green United Kingdom Fedora Core 2, RedHat 9 ANT project system, WebApps 2
38 Paul Brumfitt United Kingdom Windows XP Mobility support 5
39 Peter Stevenson New Zealand Windows XP Mobility support 12
40 Prageeth Gunasekera Sri Lanka Fedora Core 1, Windows 2000 ANT project system, VCS, JDK 1.5 support, Debugger 11
41 Ramon Casha Malta Mandrake 10 Java, GUI & Swing, I18N tools, ANT 46
42 Rob McAuliffe Australia Fedora Core 1 ANT project system 48
43 Robson Valentin Brasil SUSE 9.1 WebApps, Tomcat, Servlets, JSP, Wizard frameworks 10
44 Ronald Trask USA Windows XP ANT project system, VCS, J2EE 40
45 Sam Vaitheeswaran Australia Fedora Core 2 WebApps, Refactoring, ANT, Debugger 41
46 Serge Masse Canada Windows XP Mobility support, WebApps 0
47 Simone Graf Germany Windows 2000 GUI, Debugging, Performance 133
48 Stavros S. Kounis Greece Windows XP ANT project system, WebApps, Apache Cocoon 13
49 Stefan Printz Sweden JDS 1, Windows XP IDE extensions, Context menu support, Mobility 0
50 Stephan Kesper Germany Windows XP WebApps support 59
51 Steven Cummings USA Windows XP ANT project system 29
52 Su Sam Taiwan Windows XP Mobility support 1
53 Thunder Parley USA HP-UX 11.11, Windows 2000 WebApps support 80
54 Tobias Dahinden Switzerland Debian Linux External compile/debug/execute, PDA, WebApps, SubVersion 25
55 Todd E. Feather USA Windows XP ANT project system, Refactoring, Debugger, WebApps 0
56 Tom Gower USA Mac OS X Webapps with JSTL, JSP, Servlets, Beans 23
57 Travis Risner USA Mac OS X Documentation, CVS support, Overall test of IDE 30
58 Vano Beridze Republic Of Georgia Fedora Core 2 Editor, WebApps support, Debugging 117
59 Wendell Joyner USA Mac OS X Overall test of IDE 17
60 Yiannis Volos Cyprus Windows XP Project manager, VCS, W3C 4

Note: Alphabetically ordered by name of participant

    (*) Table describing value of 1 CAT point:

Item# CAT points received
1 message sent1
1 bug submitted2
1 enhancement submitted1
CA survey completed10
Satisfaction survey completed5

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