Results from NetCAT 3.6 Customer Acceptance survey


Do you find the installation smooth and straightforward to the point of IDE 1st start ?
27 84 % A. Yes, I did not have a problem with that.
3 9 % B. I do not use an installer.
2 6 % C. I was able to install it, but I have following comments (bug IDs) about installer:
0 0 % D. No, I was not able to install it, because of following problems (bug IDs):
IDs for C. IDs for D. Comments
#40333 --- Installation summary panel showed blank, disconcerting.
#39327 --- ---
#39354 --- ---


Do you find the RC mature and ready for releasing ?
22 69 % A. Yes, it is in a perfect shape.
3 9 % B. Yes. There are some minor issues, but I can live with that until next release.
4 13 % C. Well, there are still some major issues (P1, P2) that I would like to see addressed in the final release. Here is the list of bug IDs:
3 9 % D. No, you must not release until you fix critical bugs (P1, P2). Here is the list of bug IDs (max 3):
IDs for C. IDs for D. Comments
#41127 #40552 ---
#39780 #39817 ---
#40423 #41339 ---
#39780 #39817 ---
#40735 #38303 ---


Do you find the RC performance acceptable for releasing ?
18 56 % A. Yes, it is much faster than previous release.
10 31 % B. Yes, that is OK.
4 13 % C. I wish you focus on improving the performance in following areas for the next release:
0 0 % D. No, there are severe performance problems. Here is the list of bug IDs (max 3):
IDs for C. IDs for D. Comments
--- --- Debugger
--- --- Launch time
--- --- Memory performance
--- --- On my Linux box the menus are drawn too slowly. I mean when you try to navigate in the main menu you can see the repainting. JDK1.4.2, RedHat 7.3.
--- --- Sometimes the IDE gets slow, for example deleting a group of files. For me, it gets slowly mostly when i work with the filesystems, and when I work with other application and then when I go back to work with NB, the response time is sometimes a bit long.
--- --- Opening of tools menu. Opening of files in editor.

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