Participants of NetCAT program
   People listed on this page volunteered to take part in the NetCAT program. Every person has chosen focus and level of his/her testing contribution.

Name Country Operating system Assigned feature/area/platform
Allan Lykke Christensen United Kingdom Gentoo Linux J2EE Application Development and Application Server Integration
Cheong Chung Onn Singapore Mac OS X 10.3 XML, Debugger, ANT, Form editor
Christian Marschalek Austria SUSE Linux 8.2, Windows XP Overall test of IDE, Window system
Claudio Rosati Italy Mac OS X, Windows 2000 CVS, Editor tools, RAD, RMI, JavaBeans support
David Strupl Czech Republic RedHat 7.3 Linux, Windows XP Window system, Property sheet, Explorer, Actions, Platform build/features
Eric Hartmann France Mandrake 9.1 Linux JSP editor, ANT, XML, CVS support
Fabrizzio Alphonsus Brazil Windows XP Overall test of IDE, WebApps support
Francis Perreault Canada Windows 2000 Code completion, Search wizard, Editor, Form editor
Gabriele Carcassi USA Windows XP JUnit/Ant integration, CVS support, Debugger
Glenn Holmer USA SUSE Linux Window system, Tasklist
Holger Stenzhorn Germany Windows 2000, XP Overall test of IDE, VCS mounting wizard
Ian Sullivan USA Windows 2000 Form editor, overall test of IDE
James C. McPherson Australia Solaris 10 x86 JSP, servlets and C coding, overall test of IDE
Jason Donmoyer USA Debian Linux, RedHat 9.0 Linux, Windows 2000 Integration of WebApps support with CVS, TaskList
John E. Lux USA Gentoo Linux 2.6.1 ANT, CVS support, VCS output windows
Jon Richards United Kingdom Windows 2000 Form, Editor, Debugger, ANT, Auto comment, JUnit, JAXB, VSS
Kristjan Koppel Estonia Fedora 1 Support of large WebApps projects
Lluis Turro Spain Mandrake 9.2, Windows XP Support of large WebApps projects, EJB Swing clients
Marcin Charzynski Poland Solaris 9 x86, Windows 2003 Overall test of IDE, WebApps support
Mark Levitt USA RedHat 9.0 Linux Code folding, Window system, Tomcat integration
Markus Svensson Sweden FreeBSD 5.2-R, Windows XP J2ME support in real-world environment
Michael M. Brzycki USA Windows XP Integration of WebApps support with CVS, Code folding
Michael Wever Norway Linux 2.6 Ant, CVS, JSP editor, Beans editor, View over a filesystem, Java editor, JUnit, XTest, Debugger
Mike Duigou USA Fedora 1 Debugger, Auto Update, PMD, DocBook XML
Mike Harley USA RedHat 9.0, Windows 2000 J2ME support in real-world environment
Neville Rowe United Kingdom Mac OS X 10.3.2 Overall test of IDE
Nils-Olov Fransson Sweden SUSE Linux, Windows XP Overall test of IDE, VCS output windows
Peter Ipacs Hungary Windows XP Window system, New module wizard, overall test of IDE
Preetham Kajekar India Windows 2000 Overall test of IDE, Smart editing features
Richard Hess USA Mac OS X 10.3.2 Form editor, Tasklist
Simon Dahl South Africa Mandrake Linux, Windows 2000 VCS mounting wizard, JSP editor support
Sjan Evardsson USA Gentoo Linux, Windows XP Daily usage, VCS output windows
Solomon Gheorghe Canada Solaris 9 Sparc Overall test of IDE, Property sheet
Stavros S. Kounis Greece Windows XP J2ME support in real-world environment
Steven Cummings USA Windows XP Code organization, Core class and object model development
Terencio Duarte France Windows 98 GUI editing, Tomcat integration, Form editor
Travis Risner USA Mac OS X 10.3.2 Usability with Mac OS, Code folding, Property sheet
Vanja Bucic USA SuSe Linux Pro 9.0+, Windows XP Generation of complicated forms/apps, Form Editing Capabilities and tilities
Vano Beridze Republic Of Georgia Fedora 1 Testing large WebApp projects, Smart editing features
Wendi Urribarri Venezuela RedHat 9.0, Windows XP Auto comment, Javadoc support, Smart editing features

   We are very proud of these users as they openly expressed their attitude towards NetBeans IDE and open source development in general. Thank you all for your great help !

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