NetBeans 3.6 Community Acceptance Testing program (NetCAT)


   Simply put the goal of this program is to get active NetBeans community members involved in testing of the NetBeans 3.6 Beta and RC builds. Participants will provide feedback on product usability, quality, performance and overall release quality. In return, those volunteers are given possibility to significantly influence quality of FCS.

Program members

   People participating in the program should have previous experience with NetBeans and are willing to contribute some time and effort. The details of their responsibilities are explained in FAQ section. The list of NetCAT program participants is available here.


   Members of this process have possibility to request fixing of their favourite bugs pointed out by more than a handful of their colleagues even after first RC build. In addition to this right they can object against waiving other bugs as they are part of Bug Waiver process or they can request new features for next releases. Bugs submitted during this program are marked with a magic prefix that guarantees a special attention of developers and QA folks. And yes, there are some gifts from us, of course. The most important fact is that we want our community to accept the release. Your voice simply matters !

What tools are in place ?

   There are several accessory means prepared specially for this program. Here is the list:

Item Description Detail Action
Mailing list Archived e-mail alias dedicated exclusively for communication between program participants, information about progress, important milestones, bug waiving process and others. [View archive]
[View Gmane archive]
Marked issues All issues filed by program members will be highlighted by special prefix. [36cat] [Show the issues]
Simple bug form A special one-step submit issue form simplified for easy and quick usage.   [Report new issue]
Dashboard Specific dashboard reflecting quality status of NetBeans 3.6 builds according to NetCAT program members.   [Take a look]
CA survey Special form prepared for Community Acceptance phase where participants will get a chance to express their opinion on RC build quality and if it's ready for release. Preview [View Results]

Brief time schedule

   This is a rough plan of important announcements, milestones and tasks scheduled for upcoming 2 months during NetCAT program.
  • January 21 - Last 3.6 Q-build testing
  • January 21 - Official start of NetCAT process
  • January 28 - Searching for suitable participants finished
  • January 30 - Features/Areas/Platforms assigned
  • Beginning of February - Beta build testing
  • Beginning of March - High Resistance mode
  • Mid-March - RC build testing
  • Mid-March - CA survey
  • Mid-April - FCS release

Current status

   The project was officially closed. If you want to know what NetCAT team thinks about RC1 build of NetBeans 3.6, take a look at results from Customer Acceptance survey. If you want to find out how the team values the NetCAT program itself, take a look at results from satisfaction survey.


   Here are some quotations regarding NetCAT program or IDE from its participants.

  • Wendi Urribarri
    It is wonderful for me to be in your team. This is the first time I participate in this kind of activities, and sincerely, it has been fun!

  • Stavros S. Kounis
    Runing and debuging heavy webapps (apache cocoon based project's) and cocoon dev snapshoots. Editing many files.
    My overall impressions: A stable ide to do my work.

  • Lluis Turro
    While waiting for the beta version to come I would like to tell you why I'm here. Some of my co-workers asked me why I was taking extra time testing NetBeans IDE instead of waiting for the new version to come out. Well, after using Java, JBoss, Tomcat, NetBeans, Argo UML and others I felt that I ought to give something back.

  • Jason Donmoyer
    So far I've installed the beta on three machines, under three different OSes and I've got to say, it's probably been the best experience I've ever had using the netbeans installer...

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