EJB 3.0 Test Specification

Author: Jan Horvath
Version: 1.1
Last update: 2006/03/13

Table of Contents

Test suite 1: Session Beans

Purpose: test creating of session beans
Setup: create/open EJB module

#Test caseDescription
1Create Stateless Session Bean
  1. create new session bean named Session1, session type Stateless, interface Local
RESULT: Session1 bean have @Stateless() annotation above class declaration. Interface Session1Local is created.
2Create Stateful Session Bean
  1. create new session bean named Session2, session type Stateful, interface Locan and Remote
RESULT: Session2 bean have @Stateful() annotation above class declaration. Interfaces Session2Local and Session2Remote are created.

Test suite 2: Entity Classes

Purpose: test creating Entity Classes and Entity CLasses from Database
Setup: open/create Java Application, Web Application and EJB module and repeat steps for all this projects

#Test caseDescription
1Entity Class
  1. Create new Entity class named NewEntity.
RESULT:new Entity class is created. @Entity annotation is above class declaration
2Entity Classes from DB
  1. Invoke Entity Classes from Database wizard
  2. select JDBC Connection: jdbc:derby://localhost:1527/sample
  3. in next wizard screen add CUSTOMER table and click Finish.
RESULT:Customer and DiscountCode classes are created

Test suite 3: Message-Driven Beans

Setup: test creating of Message-Driven Beans

#Test caseDescription
1Create MDB
  1. Create new MessageDriven Bean
  2. use Mapped name "name1"
RESULT: In generated MDB class above class declaration is this annotation: @MessageDriven(mappedName = "name1")

Generated: 2006 03 17 01:18

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